Satou Maya & Matsushita Chiaki SS – During Standby

Youjitsu 2nd Year V5 SS
– Satou Maya & Matsushita Chiaki –
During Standby

“Eh? Did you really invite Ayanokouji-kun too?”

School had ended and Satou had walked to a classroom in the special section of the school building in order to meet up with Matsushita, Mii-chan and Maezono.

There she reported to the others about how she had called out to Horikita and Ayanokouji.

“Yes, I remained in the classroom for a bit and since he was there with Horikita-san, I thought, why not just invite him as well, so I just did.”

“You still haven’t given up on him yet? After what you said about just being friends? Lend me some of that courage~”

“N-no, that’s not it. I just thought it would be nice to hear a boy’s opinion, that’s all. I mean…”

“But the truth is?”

Her true feelings were seen right through by Matsushita who made a hand gesture mimicking that of a reporter holding a microphone during an interview.

“S-since… we’re going to show the boys later anyway, I wanted to… show him first, I think.”

Satou embarrassedly blushed while Matsushita grinned like a cat.

“Uuuuu, this is so embarrassing… I can’t do cosplay in front of the boys…”

“Hey, Mii-chan! If you’re going to take this attitude, you won’t be able to hold up during the real deal, you know? If you don’t do your best, Horikita-san may cut you down without hesitation.”

“Uuuu… But you said only Satou needed to talk…”

She hugged her own chest along with the Chinese maid uniform as she trembled like a jelly.

“Your cuteness is to blame, Mii-chan! Oh, it’s almost time so you should go change now. I’ll stand guard in the hallway so rest assured!”, Maezono said before she before she exited the classroom.

While the three remaining girls had lots of thoughts about this, they began to change into these unfamiliar costumes.

“But oh well, this is good practice for Mii-chan as well since showing yourself to the boys will be important, you know. We could get advice on like, how they see us which is going to be important for sure.”

“Right, right? Ayanokouji-kun won’t look at us in a weird way. And he is dependable too.”

“I guess. If we had to choose a boy from our class, it would have to be Ayanokouji-kun or Hirata-kun anyway.”

Mii-chan’s hands stopped for a second when she heard Hirata’s name.

“Oh my, oh my, who is’t didst thee bethink of? Hold not back and just bid us, shall thee?”

“I-m n-not s-saying!”

“Lots of girls are vying for his attention, you know~? Ah, but you’ve been hanging out with Kouenji-kun lately, haven’t you? I saw you guys during summer vacation from time to time. I was so sure you’ve switched targets.”

Maybe she was trying to steer the conversation away from Hirata, but she grabbed onto this topic as she looked a bit too restless talking about Hirata.

“Ehh!? There is nothing between me and Kouenji-kun at all… it’s just that it’s surprisingly easy to talk to him.”

“That’s—- surprising, yeah. So there really is someone on the same wavelength as him.”

“How should I say it, he’s very knowledgeable, and he’s seeing things I can’t see…”

Wang began to talk about the treasure hunt game they participated in on the boat during summer vacation and how Kouenji’s unique way of looking at things had won them a huge reward.

But despite hearing all of this, Matsushita and Satou’s evaluation of Kouenji did not change whatsoever.

“Hey you three! Stop talking and change will you!”

Maezono warned through the door and the three girls made some flustered voices as they resumed changing clothes.

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