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Classroom of the Elite LN 2nd Year Vol 4.5

Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite (COTE) 2nd Year

 Light Novel Volume 4.5 English


After overcoming various events, the test of the uninhabited island was completed. The long-awaited summer vacation on a luxury yacht has begun.
However, the exam leaves various problems unfinished, Ryuuen is also looking for the culprit who attacked Komiya, and the other students begin to move in a different direction than before.
Meanwhile, Kiriyama from class 3 appeared in front of Ayanokouji.
"Your existence is just a hindrance, Ayanokuoji..."
All she told him was the change in Nagumo. He started to take strange actions, and gave orders called "unusual surveillance" to be carried out by all third year students to 1 student, Ayanokouji.
On the other hand, in order to answer for the declaration of love, Ayanokouji headed to the promised place with Ichinose--!?
The masterpiece about the most popular Elite School, the second year summer vacation is another hidden problem!?

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COTE 2nd Year Volume 4 SS

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