Chabashira Sae SS – A Restless Mind

Youjitsu 2nd Year V5 SS
– Chabashira Sae –
A Restless Mind

I was preparing for the special exam tomorrow.

I went to the staff room do the final checks on the equipment I’d use tomorrow.

But no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop thinking and this worry wouldn’t quite disappear.

I stood up from my desk in order to calm myself down.

I remembered Satou who visited me yesterday asking for permission to rent a classroom in the special section of the school for the sake of the cultural festival.

A maid café, was it?

Since this was the very first cultural festival of this school, there were many things we still didn’t know.

The teachers were still investigating the most correct attractions to employ.

While heading for the special section, I happened to meet a student heading away from the direction I had planned to visit.

He had this unmotivated expression, but it could be said this was his usual look anyway.

“Did you check up on Satou and the others?”

I asked and Ayanokouji nodded lightly.

“I listened to the program and what they were planning on doing. It’s not a bad idea.”

“That’s for sure. They can’t start to prepare for it unless their proposal has been accepted in the first place.”

“I was going to check up on them since I’m personally a bit curious how it’s going. How are they?”

That was a lie, but also the truth.

If this could serve to distract my thoughts, anything goes.

“Horikita looks like she’s optimistic on their behalf. Seems she thinks they have a winning chance. They are finalizing the last details now.”

No problems on their side. That was relieving to hear, and I had no more reason to visit them.

“I see. Then there’s no reason for me to check up on them anymore.”

“I got caught by them, so it seems trouble is heading my way.”

“In other words?”

“I’ve become their manager as per Horikita’s instructions.”

“You? Oh, that sounds…”

I tried to imagine it in my head, but no matter who many times I tried to picture it, he and maid cafés had no compatibility whatsoever.

By the look he had, I could see that even he agreed with me.

“It will be good for you. Horikita sure do have some interesting ideas.”

I surprisingly began to look forward to how this cultural festival would go.

He looked like he was going to vocalize even more complaints to me.

I tried to guide him a bit as I really hope this festival will become a good memory to him.

“This is a chance to learn about things other than studying so accept your fate, Mr. Maid Café Manager.”

I somehow got more relaxed and did something I usually would never do.

“Ayanokouji… could I have some of your time later?”

Am I ready to confront this special exam?

Or was I confronting it already?

I began imagining it.

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