Youjitsu V1: Ichinose Honami SS – Ichinose Honami's everyday

COTE Volume 1
– Ichinose Honami SS –
Ichinose Honami's everyday

“The teacher sure is late” 

After the bell has rang, the teacher still hasn’t arrived. 

Although our teacher often arrived late, she had never been so late like today. 

“Could it be that she is sick?” 

“If that were the case, shouldn’t a substitute teacher come here?” 

While all sorts of speculations were being blurted out, the classroom door opened. 

“Good morning everyone. Are you in high spirits today too? Fuwa…” 

The class meeting in the morning had already started several minutes ago when the teacher arrived at the classroom yawning. 

“You look very sleepy, Hoshinomiya-sensei.” 

“Yeah, I had some things. Yesterday I drank too much…hafu” 

“Uwa, you stink of alcohol! You stink of alcohol, teacher!” 

Chihiro-chan, who was sitting at the front, lamented while pinching her nose. 

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing. I will probably not smell at noon.” 

I feel like that’s not the issue here… she is a bit of a unpresentable teacher. 

However, maybe it was precisely because of this kind of teacher that Class B had this easy-going atmosphere. 

“Ah, it’s already this time. Today’s flow of time has started really early.” 

I believe that’s because you were late. I’m certain that the majority of the students in the class were thinking this. 

“I will announce the results of the mock exam done some time ago. After that, I will explain in detail the things that will happen in the future, so listen carefully.” 

Hoshinomiya-sensei, while relaxing the atmosphere, stuck the results of the mock exam on the blackboard. 

Everyone’s test scores were there. 

In the margin of the passing score, if someone failed the tests during the mid-term exams, they would be expelled immediately. 

The results of the tests could also influence the class points and so on. 

She explained this unique school system. After the explanation finished, probably due to the influence of the hangover, the teacher said “’I’m feeling nausea” and left. 

After waiting for a while, she came back. She had a refreshing look. 

“Teacher. Can I ask you some questions?” 

I decided to ask her the questions I thought about while she wasn’t here. 

“Of course, of course. What is it, Ichinose-san?” 

“I understand that this school is based on meritocracy, so I also understand that the tests will influence the evaluation of the class later. As a result, I want to ask the results of the other classes. At first I thought we couldn’t ask for individual scores, but in reality Class B scores were made public. If it’s like that, in order to compete in what it looks like a cram school system to be promoted in this school, they should all be made public.” 

“You really have good eyes… but unfortunately, Ichinose-san, you got it wrong. Of course, the scores from the other classes are also made public. Not the individual scores, but the average scores. 

As she said this, Hoshinomiya-sensei smiled a bit and posted another small piece of paper. 

Apart from our Class B, all the average scores from the classes where on it. 

“Don’t tell me, you can tell me that if it’s not heard by other people?” 

“Yes. Because there’s no rule that states I must tell you this. If you ask me and I can answer, I will tell you, is this kind of feeling.” 

The way she answered expressionlessly indicated that was very common. 

It seems that this school was more complex than what I thought, and I can’t say for sure if it was more troublesome. 

Not revealing the guidelines of the competition, not telling anything but the necessary and bare minimum information. 

It looks like one has to personally get out the answers, asking one by one. 

“But, but, we are a very strong class. Even though it’s Class B.” 

The class atmosphere reader, Shibata-kun, said this while comparing the average scores. 

Indeed, if we just looked at the results of the mock exam, the average of this class did no vary much from Class A. 

The gap was only 2 points approximately. Considering that it was a surprise test, basically there shouldn’t be more differences in the disparity between academic skills. 

If in order to prepare for the mid-term exams, we considered a good countermeasure, we could probably overtake their score. 

After the teacher left the class, the students, who harbored their own ideas, started discussing various topics. 

“Returning to our main topic. The other classes below us are really idiots. Class D points have become 0 and their average scores for this mock exam are also very low.” 

Part of the students expressed agreement to Shibata-kun’s opinion. 

Only relying on the school’s notice, we can’t understand too much. 

But I believe this idea of mine shouldn’t be said right now. 

However, the classmates who were looking at the very high average score started to make noise. 

“Indeed, maybe right now we can only judge like this. But is it only this and nothing more?” 

Having the consciousness to cause a ripple, I threw into it the first stone. 

“Ah? Ichinose, what’s that?” 

“If the class division was really based on academic skills, wouldn’t the chances for reversal for the lower classes be non-existent? Even if it all comes down to personal effort, they also have to shoulder a lot of unfavorable circumstances. If all the outstanding people were gathered in Class A, then it basically means we have no chance for reversal. Although there’s no need to be pessimistic, it’s also not good to be relieved by this result. 

“I also have the same feeling. There is a clear difference between Class D and A. However, I don’t think it’s based solely on academic skills. Actually, Ichinose was first in the entrance exams. If they used grades to determine the classes, she would be undoubtedly in Class A.” 

“I see… indeed.” 

“If I am in class B because I have some shortcomings or committed mistakes, then there has to be a lot of students with scores as high as mine that are Class D or C because they have problems too.” 

In other words, if the academic skills are not what determines the class distribution, but competitiveness, based on the exam results it wouldn’t be strange for the lower classes to make a comeback. As long as they have outstanding talents, the students that right now are unable to study, based on the teaching methods, it could also be extended to them. 

Although this long battle lasts for 3 years, since currently we still don’t know how to increase the class points, we should use this chance and start controlling a bit and try our best at spending less points. 

“At present, I don’t think there are in this class people who would be expelled due to failing the exams. I believe everybody should study together for the mid-term exams and have as objective the increase in our average score. What do you think? 

“I agree! We are also a bit worried… Ichinose-san, can you teach us?” 

“Of course.” 

After answering this, the participants assembled together one after another. 

“Wawa. A lot more people than what I expected. Wait a moment.” 

I counted 15 people. If I am alone, I would really have my hands full… 

While thinking about who to request help, I used my gaze to send out a signal requesting help. 

“I will assist you.” 

The one who answered my signal was Kanzaki-kun, with who I haven’t had much contact with until now. 

“Kanzaki-kun, is that okay?” 

“Haha. As someone who has Class A as objective, I need to help with what I can do best.” 

Being habitually silent, he actually gives a healthy impression, and he is usually alone, calm and well-behaved. 

In front of the request of Kanzaki-kun, I accepted it straightforwardly. 

Looking at the mock exam scores that were announced, from the fact that he and I have obtained similar scores It can clearly be seen that his academic skills are high. There’s nothing to nitpick at him being a tutor. 

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” 

“Thank you. Please take care of me.” 

After that, we gathered again in order to go to the library. 

Even with the cooperation of Kanzaki-kun, 15 people were still too much, first we needed to split the participants into 2 study groups, one at noon and the other after school. The noon participants were 7 people. 

Avoiding failing grades are a given, our objective was to overthrow Class A. Our ambitious goal was a bit high. 

“Ichinose-san, you had the best grades during the entrance exams, right? And you are very earnest, you are also good at taking care of people… why are you in Class B? I can’t imagine the reason.” 

“Why? I’ve never thought over those things. 

“Don’t tell me the school has made a mistake?” 

“I don’t think the school would make these kind of mistakes. Moreover, right now I like everybody in Class B. Compared with being in Class A, I prefer being in this class more.” 

Those were my heartfelt words. Meeting by chance and has only passed a couple of months, as far as I’m concerned, everybody in Class B are already my important friends and comrades. I don’t want to consider things like being the only one in Class A. 

“Ichinose-san… I like you the most!” 

Extending her arms, Chihiro-chan hugged me. Treating her like a little sister, I accidentally patted her head. Chihiro-chan didn’t look like she hated it, as she closed her eyes looking very comfortable. 

“It’s great that I am in Class B!” 

“Me too me too!” 

Mako-chan wanted to hug Chihiro-chan and me so she threw herself at us. 

“Let’s try to throw ourselves at them too.” 

“Don’t do stupid things. The air in the atmosphere would freeze in an instant.” 

To the Shibata-kun who wanted to join the circle of girls, Kanzaki-kun grabbed his neck and suppressed him. 

“There are really a lot of people…” 

The library was more mixed than expected, just by one look one could see many groups studying hard. Judging from the fact that there were not only first years, the exams really had an important existence. 

We ensured our seats in an empty space and started reviewing what the teacher taught us. Since they were students with a good foundation, there weren’t any problems. 

Studying quietly, answering questions from time to time. Suddenly the surroundings started an uproar. It looks like other groups that were far away from us, started a conflict. 

I thought it would rapidly quiet down, but I didn’t expect the uproar would become louder and louder. 

Even though I didn’t know what happened, couldn’t someone think of a solution? 

“Ichinose-san, let’s study in another place. I can’t concentrate because the guys over there are being too noisy.” 

At first I wanted to be a bit lenient, but the other students seemed to have reached their limits. 

“It’s really a big problem.” 

The concentration from a moment ago seemed as if it was a lie, everybody showed an exhausted expression. 

“I’ll go to call their attention a bit.” 

I stood up and prepared to go towards the guys who were arguing. 

“W-w-w-wait a minute. It’s very dangerous, Ichinose-san. The ones there are Sudo-kun and Yamawaki-kun?” 

Although I didn’t know Yamawaki-kun, I recall Sudo-kun’s name. 

I didn’t know from where the rumors were spread, but he seemed to have an extremely violent personality. 

“I’ll go there instead of you.” 

“It’s nothing Kanzaki-kun. Let me handle this.” 

If Kanzaki-kun went there to mediate, there was a probability that the situation would worsen. 

The boys have a high ego, if they were provoked, things would become troublesome. 

“Ok, stop, stop!” 

I forcibly went in between the two parties in dispute. 

“Who are you? You are unrelated, get lost.” 

The boy who seemed to want to grab someone looked here with a sharp glare. 

Because he was irritated that he had a tense mood and his face was a bit red. This guy was probably Sudo-kun. 

As expected from someone with rumors with his name, such a strong pressure, but I couldn’t act according to his words. 

“Unrelated? Being one of the students using this library, I can’t just pretend I haven’t seen this disturbance. If you really want to start a fight, can you do it outside?” 

A lot of students were troubled because they couldn’t concentrate. Other people aside, I also have a lot of friends. I can’t pretend that I haven’t seen this. 

“And you guys too, haven’t you provoked him a bit too much? If you want to continue with this, I will have to report this to the school. Even if it’s like this, would it be okay for you?” 

I warned Yamawaki-kun and the others subjected to Sudo-kun’s pressure, and they became silent. 

By bringing out the fact that this could influence their points, they would also retreat obediently. 

“I-I’m sorry. We don’t plan to do that, Ichinose.” 

Yamawaki-kun seemed to know me and apologized. Being straightforward is really great. 

“Let’s go. If we keep studying in a place like this, we will get infected by their stupidity.” 


They seemed to hate others thinking they were retreating, so they left behind that last sentence. 

It’s definitely because of that sort of stuff that the quarrel never ends. 

All in all, now Sudo-kun’s opponent was not here, so it was settled for the time being. 

Even if they still wanted to get angry, I would have to report it to the school, even though I hate doing that. 

“If you guys also want to keep studying here, keep it quiet.” 

I believed they wouldn’t do anything over the top, so I only told them that. 

Sudo-kun was probably angry, but his friends looked very calm. I’m sure it would be all right. 

When I was leaving, a boy appeared in my field of vision for an instant. 

Back then I remember I seeing him in front of the staff room … 

While thinking that, I went back to my seat. Chihiro-chan’s eyes were shining. 

“As expected of Ichinose-san. So brave!” 

“Really? It was just a very ordinary warning, wasn’t it?” 

“It was because Yamawaki-kun ran with the tail between his legs once he realized it was Ichinose-san”. 

“Why is that?” 

I have never meet Yamawaki-kun once. 

“You see, last time when Class C had a dispute with us, Ichinose-san settled it, right? I’m certain it was because of that. Class C boys are really afraid of you.” 

“Making Ichinose angry is a very frightening thing.” 

“Wu, s-so it was like that…” 

So I’ve made the boys afraid of me… as a girl that was like suffering a heavy blow. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get rid of this thing from my head, which led to me being unable to study properly during the entire lunch break. 

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