Youjitsu V1: Horikita Suzune SS – A Dream for the Future?

COTE Volume 1
– Horikita Suzune SS –
A Dream for the Future?

"Hey, do you sometimes feel that you are indifferent to no matter what the world becomes?" 

"Why are you suddenly asking this? Too bad, I’ve never been pessimistic about my own life." 

"I’m not saying about being pessimistic about one’s life… it looks like this has nothing to do with Horikita." 

Horikita blatantly adopted a disgusted, or probably an annoyed look, and sighed deeply. 

"So, what are you trying to say?" 

"I was thinking, what’s the meaning of people trying so hard in a meritocracy world?" 

"Of course that’s for oneself, are you stupid?" 

"Going as far as to call me stupid… so specifically, what’s this "for oneself" referring to?" 

"Isn’t this precisely promoting one’s inner qualities, and going for jobs that possess a high status in the society?" 

Horikita answered this as if it were natural. Of course, it’s not like I can’t understand her. 

The main reason about studying high school, university, or graduate school is to find a better job in the future. 

Of course, the dreams one hasn’t stopped pursuing since childhood are also included among these. However, those are a small minority, and perhaps there are also ambitious goals that can’t be achieved by just trying hard. 

"Then Horikita, what do you want to be in the future?" 

"I haven’t decided it yet, because I am hiding an infinite variety of possibilities." 

I don’t think there are anyone who can flatter themselves as impressively as her. 

Not letting anyone think that was just a speech to conceal the fact she hasn’t considered it yet, perhaps it could also be considered one of her strong points. 

"What do you want to do in the future… I’m certain that you have not though about it." 

"Don’t assert for me. Maybe I unexpectedly have a specific goal?" 

"…You’re right. Although the odds are quite low, I’ll ask you for the time being. What do you plan to do in the future? Do you have a planning?" 

"I want to become the Prime Minister." 

"… I was stupid for asking you." 

Horikita made a pose as if she was supporting her forehead, and turned her body around. 

"Hey, listen to me. I was joking about becoming the Prime Minister. What I want to become is that, something like a civil servant." 

"For someone who wants to avoid troublesome things like you, this is a stable path… but can you become one?" 

With this statement, she was clearly lamenting about my lack of ability. 

"This civil servant thing, it’s something that you can accidentally become one if you want to become one." 

"Someone who thinks like this will certainly not be able to become one. I advise you to be a convenience store clerk the rest of your life." 

"You are being rude towards all the shop clerks who work at the convenience stores around the country." 

"Of course, I will respect those workers who have conviction. It’s simply that I think you are self-degenerating yourself. You’ll probably become a lazy salesclerk. I believe this is beyond redemption." 

"Suddenly I feel like I want to cry." 

"If you really have a goal you want to pursue, then you need to take advantage of the time when you are still a student to fully stride forward. Because even if you regret it later, you can’t reverse time. Finally, what will appear in front of your eyes will be the unchangeable reality." 

"…I will remember that." 

Even though we are clearly at the same age, I can’t help but to think that I’m being admonished by a teacher.

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