Sakayanagi Arisu SS – Sakayanagi’s Unexpected Assessment

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5 SS
– Sakayanagi Arisu –
Sakayanagi’s Unexpected Assessment

I stood up after seeing Ayanokouji-kun returning back inside the ship, escaping the eyes of the 3rd year students.

Showing himself here has to be a coincidence I think, but that’s also why it was the perfect opportunity to meet each other as well.

But before leaving the scene, I moved my attention to Nanase Tsubasa.

There was a chance there were students from the White Room among the 1st year students, but it seems I can remove her from the list. Ayanokouji-kun seems to trust her as well.

Or, fufu. Though the word trust is overselling it.

Taking the White Room’s environment into account, there is no way Ayanokouji-kun has anything close to those feelings.

Whether she was a White Room student or not, just leaving her close by wouldn’t be a hindrance, he probably thinks. That’s all there is to it.

And in order to get information about the 1st year students, it was a fact you had to get intimate with one.

In that sense, Nanase-san was a crucial piece for him. 

Right before passing by her, I checked her figure again.

I could see that she didn’t put her high stats in athleticism in the OAA app to shame with her toned arms and legs.

Those parts representing her femininity were well developed and based on her sitting posture, she must have had a good upbringing.

“Maybe that is why boys would want to keep her close by, rather than due to her abilities.”

Then I took a peek at her lunch.

A sandwich and a carton of milk.

It was a balanced, light and quick meal. A good choice.

You wouldn’t think she was a first year student from looking at her body and how little she ate.

As I figured, she wasn’t just talented in school, but was also blessed with a body from birth.

“You’d better treasure those talents of yours.”

Even though so many want to be talented, that they had Nanase’s body proportions, to many girls, that would be a wish that would never be fulfilled.

…. My thoughts ended up drifting off in a strange direction. How unlike me.

“Well, let’s chase after Ayanokouji-kun now then.”

Based on this situation, I could more or less guess where he had to be now.

Even if I, for some unlikely reason read it wrongly, finding him on this ship itself wouldn’t be so hard if I just made some calls.

I had my own kind of weapons.

In order to get Ayanokouji-kun to become my opponent, this was nothing but a minor inconvenience in the end.

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