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Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5: Karuizawa Kei – A Dream I've seen before

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5 SS
– Karuizawa Kei –
A Dream I've seen before

That day was the last day of summer vacation.

The day that maybe all the students on this yacht are regretting the long time ago.

And so am I, like everyone, throwback to some amazing fun times.

′′ Aaa, today is the last day of summer vacation!"

To be more accurate, the summer vacation is actually over.

Although I was a little sad inside, the time wasn't necessarily brought me anything.

I had the opportunity to meet Kiyotaka everyday, anytime anywhere, to chat without separating via phone screen.

We've been together from morning to night.

Pretend, if two different classes meet and date, it can make people feel itchy.

Or even, maybe, we couldn't be a couple.

I'll be a fool as always, lock my heart and put on a mask full of fake.

It's the same word that I suddenly realized-how happy I was.

′′ Hey, can I make it public with everyone tomorrow?... I think I'm a little bit restless."

Although it doesn't make our relationship change, things around you two will be different.

′′ You don't have to make public with people if you don't like it. After all, I'm not sure your current position will be guaranteed."

Even though he said so, I don't want to keep this secret forever.

I had a great lover and now I want to show it off for the whole world... Moreover...

The love I have for him has grown so much that I can't be silent anymore.

′′ I'm sure to make it public with everyone! If something happens, will you defend me again? Is it okay?"

I'll make it public, for sure, starting with my best friends.

And then, it will spread to the whole school like a wildfire.

He was surprised when he heard me say so, but he nodded in agreement.

Then he sat down next to me, and held my hand tightly.

His hand is much bigger than mine, but it doesn't bottle at all, the contrary is very toned and warm.

Holding that hand, the world around me suddenly feels so peaceful.

I whisper wish, I could be with you forever.

′′ Kei."

When I hear my name being stored right in my ears, my heart suddenly went a beat of shame.

He is nearing and calling my name -

I faced Kiyotaka and looked straight into his eyes. Your face is chained closer to me than ever before.

Here I am again, our second kiss.

Right?... Really, I forgot it. But if a dream I've seen before, this is the third time I've been by your lips.

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