Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5: Karuizawa Kei – A Dream I've seen before

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5 SS
– Karuizawa Kei –
A Dream I've seen before

It was the last day of summer vacation.

It was probably the day where every student across the country would get nostalgic.

I was, just as everyone else, reminiscing about how enjoyable the cruise had been.

“Oww, so today is the last day of summer vacation”

Saying it out loud makes it feel that more real, that summer vacation really has ended.

While it makes me feel melancholic, it doesn’t mean there were no pros at all.

I could meet Kiyotaka face to face everyday and not just by phone or chat.

We could be together the whole time from morning to evening.

If we’d been in different classes, met and begun dating, it would surely have been vexing.

Or maybe not, maybe we wouldn’t even have started dating in the first place, I wonder.

I would have been the same as always, hiding my darkness inside my heart while continuing to don a fake mask.

I really—- realise how happy I am right now.

“So I can tell the others about our relationship tomorrow was it?… I think I’m getting nervous now.”

While our relationship itself wouldn’t change, our surroundings may do.

“There’s no need to tell them if you don’t want to. I won’t take responsibility if you do drop down the social rank after all.” He said, but I don’t want to keep this a secret forever.

I had an awesome boyfriend I wanted to brag about… and what’s more…

My feelings for him had grown so much I couldn’t keep quiet about it anymore.

“I’m definitely going to tell them! If something happens, you will protect me so I’m going to be fine! Right?”

That being said, I was only going to tell my closest friends for starters.

But it’s certain that it would spread throughout the whole school like wildfire.

With a shade of exasperation on his face, he nodded back at me.

Then he sat down next to me and held my hand.

His hand was larger than mine but still pretty and sturdy-looking. No signs of ruggedness whatsoever. 

Being held by this hand made me feel so comfortable and safe.

I wished we could stay this way forever.


I suddenly heard my name being called right by my ear. My heart skipped a beat while getting embarrassed.

Having someone call my name that close is—

I faced Kiyotaka straight on and looked at his face. The face of my beloved was inching ever closer to me.

I was caught off guard. Our second kiss.

Or may not?… I’d already forgotten it but if we include that dream I’d seen before, this was our 3rd… kiss.

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