Youjitsu V9: Mei-Yu Wang/Mii-chan – Reliable Classmates?

Youjitsu V9 SS
– Mei-Yu Wang/Mii-chan –
Reliable Classmates?

I asked Ayanokouji-kun for advice regarding a certain matter at a cafe corner. But I wasn't able to take the initiative and a long silence followed. 

I need to do something about it, I need to do something about it. 

That feeling took priority even over the matter I had wanted to get his advice on. I feel bad for Ayanokouji-kun, who's wasting his time on me... 

"Umm, you see...umm, it's about Hirata-kun". 

I somehow desperately managed to squeeze my voice out. I continued before I end up choking my words back. 

"I want you to tell me all about him......". 

I think I explained that badly too but there's nothing I can do about it. Because I can't straight up tell him 'I'm in love with Hirata-kun' after all. 

"Hirata and I aren't particularly close, you know?". 

Even after seeing me panicking, Ayanokouji-kun's tone remained the same as always. 

"But Hirata-kun told me Ayanokouji-kun is the most reliable one though?". 

"...did he now?". 

The impression I had of Ayanokouji-kun was that he's like 'air'. Describing it as 'air' may be somewhat rude but I've got nothing else to go on. He's a boy whose thoughts I find hard to tell after all. Besides, he seems a little scary in a way different from that of Sudou-kun and the others. But--- 

"Yeah. He says you're the most level-headed one in class. He really sang your praises". 

Hirata-kun, who cares more about his classmates than anyone else and who keeps an eye on his classmates more than anyone else, praised Ayanokouji-kun. 

I've never seen Hirata-kun talk about a friend that energetically before so that surprised me. 

I still don't know the reason for that though but...... 

"Recently there's been talk that Hirata-kun and Karuizawa-san, umm...broke up, have you heard?". 

"Of course". 

It's not just Class C but the whole school year that's paying attention to this topic. The calamity that befell Hirata-kun and Karuizawa-san. It was unbelievable for me too. 

But I can't take action on my own. 

Because I can't possibly confess knowing full well I may be rejected. 

"That's why, umm.....". 

Let's get some advice. From Ayanokouji-kun, who Hirata-kun referred to as the most reliable one. I'm a coward but...in order to be able to confess. 

".....d-does Hirata-kun currently have someone he's interested in?". 

Let's take the first step towards overcoming this cowardice. I definitely can't look in the mirror, knowing my face is probably turning red. That's what I thought. 

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