Youjitsu V9: Sakayanagi Arisu – Sakayanagi's Preparations

Youjitsu V9 SS
– Sakayanagi Arisu –
Sakayanagi's Preparations

Today's the 7th of February. This is a story from back when I was still playing with the toy known as Ichinose-san. 

It was after school, when our class had ended, that I quietly stood up from my seat with my trusty cane in hand. 

In my case, I always end up attracting attention when I walk around due to the fact that a cane is an absolute necessity for me. 

Being unable to act stealthily can sometimes be a drawback. 

"Are you fine today?". 

The one who said that to me would be Masumi-san. She's as languid as ever. 

"I believe I've gone over this before but I think I'll make contact with him today". 

I didn't name 'him' but she should know who I'm referring to. 

"Ahh.....Yamauchi, right? Is it ok to leave Ichinose be?". 

"Let's say there are two people you despise right in front of you. If you can only get rid of one, what would you do, Masumi-san? You'd get rid of the one you hate more, wouldn't you?". 

"Well...I suppose so". 

"That's my answer". 

Right now, rather than Ichinose-san, I'm far more entranced by Yamauchi-kun. 

I didn't say that out loud but I'm sure Masumi-san understands. 

"Ahh, I see. I'll be heading back then?". 

"Yes. As always, I appreciate your effort". 

Having received no orders from me, Masumi-san immediately left the classroom. 

On my way to Class C, I spotted a lone male student walking my way. 

That male student used to be surrounded by several of his followers until a while ago. But he's since kept a low profile and now he's but a shell of his former self. 

"Greetings, Ryuuen-kun". 

When I called out to him like that, he looked at me with those fierce eyes of his that haven't changed. 

To be honest, I would have liked to call him Dragon Boy but if I did so, we wouldn't even have a conversation so I avoided saying unnecessary words and simply stopped quietly. 

After he was dethroned as leader, I came up with several theories of my own. But now they're no longer necessary. 

Since he's stepped down from the stage, I can afford to leave him be. 

Do not reject one who comes and do not chase one who leaves. 

Of course, it's a different story when it comes to Ayanokouji-kun though. 

Regardless of whether he has any intention of fighting or not, he must become a sacrifice for the sake of my pride. 

"Are you ready for the end of school year exam?". 

"And here I was wondering what you'd say. I have no intention of having a casual chat with you". 

"Please don't say that. Isn't it difficult studying alone? If you so desire, why not prepare for the test together with us?". 

I made a proposal he would never accept. 

"Do you really think you can provoke me with something like that?". 

It would appear he's interpreted my good intentions as malevolence. Ryuuen-kun began walking again and mercilessly barged up to me. 

"So you're leaving me alone to play with Ichinose?". 

The rumors that have been spreading seems to have reached his ears as well. 

"Speaking of which, she's currently being assailed by rumors an anonymous person spread". 

But Ryuuen-kun only kept glaring at me as though he has no interest in that. 

Well, let's just say it's my turn for a little while longer. 

"If she were a student like you, constantly being badmouthed, then she wouldn't have incurred much damage, no?". 

"What's your business with me?". 

"There's no reason behind it or anything. I just wanted to have a chat with you. Should I not have?". 

"A chat, huh? Then I'll play along and ask you a question too". 

"How interesting. What could it be?". 

That unexpected reaction from Ryuuen-kun pleased me. 

I wonder what sort of question he'll ask me. 

"I'm swindling large amounts of private points from you incompetent lot every month thanks to my contract with Katsuragi. Why are you dealing with that?". 

It wasn't anything I hadn't expected but at least it's a question that won't bore me. 

"Because it doesn't affect us significantly. For Class A, feeding you alone doesn't carry any risk. There's no point in going out of your way to drive you to expulsion. Besides, as long as his contract with you remains intact, Katsuragi-kun will never make a comeback". 


For the first time, Ryuuen-kun laughed. 

"To think you'd be wary of small fry like Katsuragi". 

"It's easy to deal with external enemies but to deal with an ally can be troublesome should a mistake occur. He's an excellent pawn as long as he keeps his head down and allows himself to be used". 

It doesn't mean he's afraid of being targeted by me. He's simply trying to provoke me. Getting this sort of reaction from Ryuuen-kun is precisely why I always end up talking to him. 

"Please do your best to save up 20 million points while you can". 

If he can escape to the safe zone, at least some of his pride would remain intact. 

"I'll do just that". 

"Ryuuen-kun, may I also ask you a question?". 

"If you want to know what a man's like, I can teach you anytime, you know?". 

I'm rather pleased by that provocation that fits Ryuuen-kun so. 

"There's no need for you to teach me. I too, have my own ideal. Or perhaps you're saying I'm your type?". 

If you stab me, I'll stab you right back. 

"I have no problem devouring low-quality products, you see". 

If you touch a thorn, you'll get pricked. 

A person like this really is valuable. 

"If you're quite done, I'll be off". 

Apparently this beast has truly been defanged. Even though he's someone I needed to be wary of unlike Katsuragi-kun or Ichinose-san. 

Either way, it's one less troublesome enemy for me so it's a burden off my back. 

I can focus solely on my heart's desire, Ayanokouji-kun. 

"Please excuse me then". 

But he had already walked off. After splitting up with Ryuuen-kun, I once again headed for my destination, Class C. 

Because if my target escapes while I play around, it would've only been a waste of my time. 

"Excuse me". 

I said as I peered into the classroom. 

"Is Yamauchi Haruki-kun here?". 

The reply was immediate. From the person himself. 

"Ehh, that's me but.....you need something?". 

Yamauchi-kun looked at me confusedly. It doesn't seem like he's on his guard at all. 

"Would you mind giving me a few moments of your time?". 

"O-Of course I'm free.........". 

You're going to make me think if you're this stupid. 

Well, what I've prepared is a single ticket. 

".....this isn't quite the right place so I'll be waiting for you in the corridor by the stairs". 

And just like that, I invited Yamauchi-kun. 

Heaven or Hell. 

I'll hand him a ticket that leads to both. 

He's free to choose which one he prefers. 

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