Youjitsu V9: Kamuro Masumi – Kamuro's Intention

Youjitsu V9 SS
– Kamuro Masumi –
Kamuro's Intention

I'm in Ayanokouji's room. 

For a certain reason. 

"Give me something to drink. It's going to take a while". 

Ayanokouji began preparing my request for the essentials with a displeased look. 

"Then I'll boil some tea or coffee". 

After saying that, Ayanokouji began preparing it. 

I felt suspicious of how defenseless he seemed. 

Sakayanagi told me to keep an eye on this man, Ayanokouji, but to be honest, I have no idea exactly what he's capable of. 

"No cocoa?". 

"...I've got some". 

"Then I'll have some of that". 

I once again made another meaningless demand, as though testing him. 

"So what did you want to talk about? If it's cold, we could've had this talk in the lobby". 

"No one will get in our way here. It's the ideal place for our talk". 

"What exactly is it about?". 

"Are you, by any chance, being wary?". 

"It'd be far stranger for me to not be wary. A girl I'm not familiar with, not to mention a student from our enemy Class A, is in my room after all". 

"You're saying Yamauchi from your class is different?". 

When I said that, Ayanokouji gave me a glance. 

"Are you curious?". 

"Not at all". 

"I see. Then let's not speak of that matter. It doesn't matter anyway". 

Right now, Yamauchi is irrelevant. The important stuff comes now. 

"That letter about Ichinose earlier. What do you think?". 

A letter that states that Ichinose Honami is a criminal. 

"What do you mean by that?". 

"Exactly what it sounded like. About her being a criminal. Do you believe it?". 

"I haven't a clue. Besides, I'm not interested". 

"Even if you aren't interested, surely you've thought about it at least. About whether Ichinose is benevolent or malevolent, I mean". 

"You can't just label someone malevolent because they happen to be a criminal. Just like you can't label someone benevolent by virtue of them not being a criminal". 

I tried to unsettle him. To confirm whether this man can truly be used or not. That is the mission I've been given. 

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