Youjitsu V7: Ibuki Mio – Ibuki, Ishizaki, Albert and Shiina's day

Youjitsu V7 SS
– Ibuki Mio –
Ibuki, Ishizaki, Albert and Shiina's day

This happened after the second term ended, in the first day of winter vacation. At the same time, it was two days after that “Incident” happened. 

That day for Ibuki Mio was an extremely boring day. 

Under the cold air, I looked at my reddened fists while heaving a sigh. 

“What am I doing…?” 

The breath I exhaled slowly dissipated in front of my eyes. 

During the first day of the winter vacation, I didn’t know what I was thinking, that I directly went to the boulevard that lead to the school after waking up. 

After that I beat up Ryuuen and following that, I should’ve gone to the dorms in order to warm myself. 

I thought this was enough to make me satisfied. 

However, I didn’t know why but I was still staying in the boulevard. 

“Aha. It’s so cold.” 

Being alone, I started to meditate. 

About what happened yesterday. 

The incident of that moment. 

All these disturbances happening in quick succession, I could only believe we were possessed by something. 

All the things that happened until now, that event. 

Don’t tell me I-- 

No, including Ryuuen, everything that happened was in that man’s expectations. 

In retrospect, since I entered this school, there hadn’t been a peaceful day and there had been a lot of commotions. 

Right after being assigned to Class C, Ryuuen Kakeru started to control the class. 

Of course, the people in the class didn’t acknowledge him at first and defied him. 

Ishizaki and Komiya didn’t need to be said, even Kaneda didn’t acknowledge Ryuuen’s attitude of using power to control. 

Ryuuen, with that kind of attitude, would naturally be alienated and suppressed by class C. 

It even gave people the feeling that abuse would appear inside the class. 

However, that guy did a frontal resistance. He didn’t even care about the existence of the surveillance cameras and school rules and sent Ishizaki and the others flying --Honestly, I was shocked at that moment. 

But Ryuuen had understood from the very beginning. The conflicts within the class couldn’t be reported to the school. Because that would be the same to shooting oneself in the foot. 

Ryuuen repeated those indiscriminate things multiple times and at the same time he saw through the closest point to the limits of the rules. 

In fact, until yesterday, Ryuuen had used a lot of methods to lead class C. 

Those thoughts and plots of his brought him “pride”. 

In his own wishful thinking, he believed he would never lose if there were rule violations. 

That incident was bound to happen, that’s why it happened. 

That defeat had its origins in Class C not being able to stop the student Ryuuen Kakeru. 

Although all of this happening to the horrid Ryuuen had nothing to do with me, I didn’t know why I felt anger. 

I didn’t know the reason why I felt anger. 

Even if I didn’t think about anything, I couldn’t wipe this anger out from me. 

What is making me feel irritated? 

“Ah, really! Don’t think about it.” 

Why do I have to waste the winter holiday’s time to ponder over those things? 

Before I noticed, the boulevard that led to the school building that was welcoming the winter vacation was overflowing with students wearing casual clothes. 

They were probably preparing to go to the Keyaki mall to enjoy the winter vacation. 

No matter what, that was unrelated to me. There didn’t exist anyone that could be considered my friend. 

“Too slow…” 

I had already been waiting for 30 minutes. My patience was already at its limit, so I took out my phone to try to urge the other person. 

“Yo, Ibuki. I’ve kept you waiting.” 

Before I called him, the target approached me. 

Ishizaki said that and started a conversation with me. Standing beside him was Albert. 

“How long did you want me to wait?” 

“I’m sorry. We were also struggling a bit.” 

“…is that so?” 

“Anyways, it could be considered a success. But Ryuuen-san is very mad.” 

“I guess so. Your injuries have also increased.” 

Ishizaki must have been hit strongly in the face by him, it looked very painful and he was caressing his reddened face. 

However, his face didn’t show anger or regret, he looked very cheerful. 

“You’ve been beaten up and yet you look so pleased, are you a masochist?” 

“Don’t joke around. I’m just very happy, that’s all.” 

Eh…isn’t that just being a masochist? 

Although I thought that, Ishizaki’s eyes were flickering and he looked really satisfied. 

“You’ve been suppressed by Ryuuen until now, shouldn’t you be resentful towards him?” 

I asked him the doubt I felt with another meaning. 

Ishizaki had been regularly blamed for his incompetence under Ryuuen’s dictatorship. 

Adding punishment to that, the person who got beaten up the most was Ishizaki. 

“To tell the truth, regarding that, I’m certainly feeling dissatisfied… but.” 


“Nothing. Now I already acknowledge him, or perhaps I should say I respect him.” 

Was it because this guy got beaten so many times that his brain become weird? To go as far as to acknowledge that kind to person? 

And respect him? 

“In my eyes he’s just a loser that got too carried away.” 

“Don’t say such things about Ryuuen-san.” 

Uwa, so disgusting. He probably got beaten up too many times that his brain has become weird. 

But from Albert, who was standing behind Ishizaki, I could also feel a similar atmosphere than Ishizaki’s coming through his sunglasses. 

“…Don’t tell me, you also think in the same way?” 

I faced Albert to ask him and he nodded slightly his head without saying anything. 

“Haa. I can’t understand it. What’s so good in that guy?” 

Even if I asked this, Albertdidn’t answer me. 

“If you took it seriously, even if the adversary was Ryuuen, you could also win.” 

If it was a normal quarrel, Albert would have an overwhelming advantage. 

Actually, Albert obtained victory in three of the three direct confrontations in the past. 

Only that during the time I wasn’t aware, those two were constantly repeating the fight, and in the end, Albert became one of Ryuuen’s generals. I understood the situation to some extent, but that still was really inconceivable. 

However, Ishizaki seemed to understand Albert. 

“Albert unexpectedly hates fights.” 

That must be something that men mutually understand, Ishizaki laughed while poking Albert’s flank. 

“You have that body and yet you hate fights?” 

“Apart from the ones Ryuuen-san instructed him to beat, have you ever seen Albert beating someone?” 

“… Probably not. No, but, all the more reason then.” 

As long as he didn’t follow Ryuuen, he wouldn’t need to beat anyone. 

“Ryuuen-san let him experience what is manliness.” 

Not knowing why, Ishizaki said those words I failed to understand and slapped Albert’s back. 

“Aah I see, forget about it. I shouldn’t have hoped for a serious reason.” 

In short, I had understood the situation from Ishizaki’s words, so it was time to go back. 

Today I had been standing outside for a lot of hours, I was almost frozen to death. 

“I’m going back.” 

I said this, but I didn’t know why, Ishizaki peeped at me with a serious face. 

I couldn’t help but want to kick him flying, but I managed to restrain myself. 

“Ibuki, if you don’t mind, do you want to come with us for a tea?” 


What did this person say just now? 

I didn’t manage to understand his words, so I stayed stiffly. Ishizaki asked again. 

“Let’s go drink tea.” 

Don’t tell me this guy was inviting me? 

The idiot Ishizaki was inviting me? 

The moment I was pondering about this, Ishizaki denied that while being flustered. 

“No, I’ll say it in advance, I don’t have any weird thoughts. I’m very normal, I’m more concerned about Ryuuen-san? Ah, if I say it like that it becomes weirder. In short, it’s not like that. And Albert is coming with us.” 

What kind of explanation was that? 

But his words didn’t seem to be lies. 

Even though Ishizaki was rude and violent (although I don’t have the right to say that about others), his personality was very honest. 

I understood Albert also wanted to drink tea with me --although I didn’t know why he wanted to drink tea with me. 

Those kind of things had never happened until now, where did this sudden impulse come from? 

Or was it because yesterday’s events left them a deep impression? 

“If anything happens, I will also knock you down, there’s no problem in that.” 

“I’m telling you I don’t have that kind of intention. I’ll definitely not have those kinds of thoughts towards you. Definitely not.” 

Being directly rejected like this, why did it make me feel a bit in a bad mood? 

“To sum it up, you will accompany us for a bit. After all, you don’t have anything planned for winter vacation, right?” 

“…I understand.” 

Although I was not willing, my schedule for winter holidays was completely in blank. 

In addition, since I had been standing outside for so long, my hands were almost frozen. 

“If you want to go, then hurry up.” 

“Albert, do you also want to come?” 

Facing Ishizaki, who was inquiring him, Albert calmly nodded his head. 

During the first day of the winter vacation, there were students everywhere in Keyaki mall. 

To the point that I couldn’t help but regret that I was too hasty to come here. 

“Returning to our main topic, I didn’t expect you would stay on our side.” 

“What are you saying?” 

“I’m talking about Ryuuen-san’s issue. I thought you hated him.” 

“Ha? It’s clear that I hate him.” 

What kind of misinterpretation led him to that conclusion? 

“Then, why did you contact with us today?” 


It was just that it put me in a bad mood that that guy fled without permission. 

But Ishizaki and the others would certainly not be able to understand my feelings. 

Since I entered this school until now, I had never liked Ryuuen. It was only that I acknowledged his abilities in a certain extent. 

That was why I was feeling irritated because of the things that happened in these 2 days. 

“Anyways, it has nothing to do with you.” 

“Well that’s true.” 

It looked like the person who asked didn’t plan to inquire any further. 

Ishizaki munched the ice cubes while drinking ice coffee with lots of gomme syrup in it. 

“Why are you drinking ice coffee during this season?” 

“There’s nothing bad about that. It’s just because it’s very cold that’s why drinking cold drinks will be more delicious.” 

Of course, Albert and I ordered hot drinks. 

“Anyway, what’s going to happen when the third term starts? Iya, really.” 

Ishizaki took the initiative, and after finishing the drink his body was trembling. It looked like the ice cubes were very cold. He’s stupid. 

“How I would know those kind of things.” 

“But… we need to think about that, don’t we?” 

What exactly did Ishizaki want me to say? 

Even if we didn’t think about that, it was very clear. 

“Even if I think about that, Ryuuen’s decision won’t change. You are free to fret by your own accord, but you’re probably wasting your time.” 


I used an intense tone to say the strict words. 

I knew it. He probably wanted me to assist him, but it was really a waste of time. 

Although I thought they were thinking about indecent things, it was that after all. 


“No buts.” 

“Ryuuen-san’s thing is like this, Class D’s--“ 


I used the most straightforward tone I had used today to stop Ishizaki and glared at him. 

“Listen carefully. I forbid any topic related to “them”. If you can’t respect that, I will be leaving.” 

Since I told him that, Ishizaki had no choice but to admit defeat. 

“I understand. I really understand.” 

Ishizaki, in a panic, tried to ease my mood. 

After all, I didn’t know why I had to discuss those things with these two. 

“I’m leaving once I’ve finished this drink.” 

There was still half of the drink left. I should drink it a bit faster. 

“I’m not going to talk about that, do you really hate that topic?” 

“I hate that. And after yesterday, the number of people I hate has increased to 2”. 

That’s all. 

“Good morning Ibuki-san.” 

When we were having this tea party without chatting too much, Shiina came to us. 

She had her schoolbag and a drink in her hands. 


When I replied her indistinctly, Shiina smiled and said. 

“I started a conversation with you by accident since I was thinking that this combination is a rare sight. Isn’t it?” 

“Is it? We are frequently together.” 

“Not true.” 

I hated being considered by others that “I was always together with Ishizaki”, so I replied immediately.” 

“May I join you?” 

In the exams that needed to use the brain, she could be considered Class C’s treasure. Together with Kaneda, they had been asked for help by Ryuuen multiple times. But at the same time, she normally didn’t have any contact with us. 

“There’s no problem with her joining, right?” 

Because she was a student Ryuuen acknowledged, Ishizaki and Albert easily accepted her. 

“Then, excuse me for disturbing.” 

“Where did you go by wearing the school uniform?” 

“I’m from the Tea ceremony club. During winter holidays we also have to continue with the club activities.” 

“Tea ceremony club… what do you do in there?” 

“We do a lot of things. Learning etiquette, how to handle the tools or receiving guidance. 

“Ha, so there are still people that want to do those kinds of things.” 

Ishizaki interrupted his conversation with Shiina, and said that while feeling bored. 

Although I was completely unaware of it, from Shiina I heard that there were very few members in the tea ceremony club. 

“If you don’t mind, do you want to try joining the club?” 

“I’m not joining. I hate club activities.” 

Ishizaki started chewing the remaining half of the ice cubes in the cup. 

“I’m changing the topic a bit… actually, I saw Ryuuen-kun this morning.” 

Shiina also mentioned Ryuuen. 

“Since he was wearing the school uniform, I was a bit concerned.” 

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing.” 

“Is that so. I feel at ease after hearing your words.” 

With these members, if that guy wasn’t present, they would naturally mention him. 

I was planning to leave silently, but Albert grabbed my shoulder. 

“What are you doing, it doesn’t matter if I go back. There’s also nothing to say.” 

Facing me, who was saying these words, Albert silently pointed at the drinks. 

“…Do you want me to not leave until I’ve finished the drink?” 

It seemed that since I had said I would be leaving after I finished drinking, I had no choice but to do so. 

Right now I was a bit in a bad mood, so I planned to just finish it. 

“So hot.” 

“Ara ara, don’t force yourself. I remember Ibuki-san can’t handle hot food, right?” 

“So noisy. Me being able to handle hot food or not has nothing to do with you.” 

“But we are classmates.” 

Even if we were classmates, what about it? 

Right now, asking for that kind of stuff in Class C was cruel. 

“Starting the third term we will drop to Class D. The battle has already ended.” 

“Not necessarily, we Class C will definitely rise again.” 

Shiina said with a serious face the words that made people feel uncomfortable. 

“What’s that? Do you have any basis? Or do you want to lead the class?” 

“Of course I will provide assistance to the class. After that, we will gather everybody’s strength.” 

Even though I had thought this child always said things as if she was missing something, but I never expected it would be to such extent. 

What Class C lacked the most was unity -- that is, helping each other. 

That was something that didn’t exist in a Class C that Ryuuen led alone until now. 

Even Shiina should have understood those things. 

“We may be late by a lot compared to others. But for that reason, from now on we need to help each other in order to be promoted to higher classes, don’t you agree?” 

“I see. Then do your best. I’m not participating.” 

I really wanted to leave earlier, but I still hadn’t finished the drink yet. 

If I had known, I wouldn’t have ordered a hot drink and should’ve chosen a cold drink instead. 

“Why are you so irritated? Even if you are usually like this…” 

“You too, do you plan to have a fight with me?” 

“I don’t plan to do that.” 

“By the way Iwasaki-kun, you look like you’ve suffered a lot of injuries.” 

“So you’ve only realized now. And I’m not called Iwasaki, but Ishizaki.” 

“Haha, I’m just joking. I remember clearly all the classmate’s names.” 

It looked like the reason Shiina, who usually didn’t interact with us, didn’t approach us because of Ryuuen not being here. 

It was because she saw Ishizaki and Albert’s injuries and she was concerned about the specific details. 

“How did you get those injuries?” 

“Well, some stuff happened.” 

“Some stuff?” 

“Actually, yesterday-- ” 

I believed Ishizaki would say unnecessary things so I unwillingly joined the conversation. 

“Because he had differences with Ryuuen about the policies and had an argument. After that he got beaten up.” 

It’s like that, right? – I glared like this at Ishizaki and he nodded in agreement.” 

“Difference in policies… that’s a rare sight.” 

Since Ishizaki usually was stuck together with Ryuuen, it was difficult to imagine those things happening. 

“Don’t tell me you had a fight with Ryuuen-kun?” 

That was ridiculing Ryuuen while he was not being here. 

Albert realized what I meant, faced Shiina and nodded. 

“I think sometimes fighting is good, but please make up as soon as possible. If you need it, I can also help you.” 

“What can you do?” 

“I will request Ryuuen-kun and tell him “please stop fighting”” 

It seemed that she didn’t intend to do anything special and directly convey that to Ryuuen. 

With her like that, it was really fortunate that she didn’t get beaten by Ryuuen until now. 

However, Shiina was not good at sports and disliked violent conducts, so Ryuuen wouldn’t take it to the heart. 

After all, she had never done anything that went against Ryuuen’s policies, as it should be. 

“Fu, I’ve finished my drink. Bye.” 

“Are you going back now?” 

“I’ve kept company to you to this extent, it should be enough already.” 

“Ah, by the way, Ibuki-san. I’ve heard that interesting movies are going to be released soon. If you don’t mind, do you want to watch them together?” 

“I’m not going.” 

Even if I wanted to go, I would go alone. 

“I see… it’s a pity.” 

I picked up the empty cup and left the seat. 

If I continued to frolic with these guys, I was afraid I would get hives. 


Right now, I had never been so angry to myself. 

That’s right. 

I had finally realized why I had been so irritated in these past two days. 

It wasn’t Ryuuen’s fault, nor Ishizaki nor Albert’s fault. And of course, it wasn’t related to the Shiina who appeared by chance. 

I couldn’t forgive myself. 

That was the reason of my irritation. 

If I was a bit more reliable, things wouldn’t have developed in a way that made Class C be in such a dire situation. 

Ryuuen Kakeru wouldn’t have made a mistake as the leader. 

It was because I arrived at this conclusion. 

If I kept staying in that place, I would have continued losing my temper. 

That’s why I wanted to hurry up and be alone. 

“I say, Ibuki.” 

Ishizaki called me, who wanted to escape. 

“What else do you want??” 

“Don’t you just shoulder everything alone, you should also consult with us.” 


I inadvertently made a dry laugh sound. 

“You’re kidding. Who would look for you to discuss things? And there’s nothing to talk about.” 

A group of people that normally were very stupid, but why were they so sharp only in times like this? 

“Ibuki-san, let’s talk again together next time.” 

Shiina also said that, and the silent Albert stared at me. 

That really looked as if those 3 people invited me in order to cheer me up. 

In retrospect, no matter if it was Ishizaki or Albert who invited me to drink tea, or Shiina after seeing the group composition, the first member they talked to was always me. 

What is this. 

I had never hoped for these kind of things. 

Not being able to endure that scene, I started walking. 

I didn’t hope for that kind of warm environment. 

I thought today was an extremely boring day and at the same time it was a no way out day. 

But, in reality, the “real no way out day” would come just a bit later. 

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