Youjitsu V7: Chabashira Sae – Invisible darkness

Youjitsu V7 SS
– Chabashira Sae –
Invisible darkness

Ayanokouji had contacted with his father. 

I was walking in the corridor while my heart was trying to bear with that carefully. 

“…What do you mean by you have realized everything?” 

Even if I was unclear of the situation, I still showed a calm teacher appearance. 

“Chabashira-sensei. I’m saying that everything you’ve told me are basically lies.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

Not good. I can’t treat the boy in front of my eyes as a normal high school student. 

“That man has never contacted with you, Chabashira-sensei. Of course, he also didn’t have you force me to quit school.” 

“No, your father asked me for help. In fact, just like what I told you, I’ve been constantly trying to get you expelled.” 

Impatience appeared in my heart and Ayanokouji saw through me. 

“Stop trying to deceive both of us. Chairman Sakayanagi has told me everything –he told my situation to you the instant my enrollment was decided.” 

I wanted to hide that truth, but Ayanokouji pointed that out. 

In that instant, I relaxed. 

“…The chairman told you everything?” 

I carelessly asked him the question I had in my mind. 

Even if I knew Director General would never act hastily, I still made a mistake. 

I felt Ayanokouji in an instant smiled a bit. 

“Ayanokouji, were you probing me?” 

“Yes. The chairman never told me anything about Chabashira-sensei. But I was certain it was related to you, this has become very clear.” 

I knew I was going to gradually be dominated here. Even though I only learned about him growing up in a special environment, but what in the world did they do to teach such a strange kid? 

I had seen a lot of excellent students during my career. But Ayanokouji was different to them, he was unknown to me. 

Ayanokouji revealed his speculations, as if he wanted to unmask all the lies I had told him until now. 

What should I do? What should I do in order to use this child? 

If only I could step over this obstacle, I could probably be promoted to Class A. 

And after that I could finally cover my past. 

That’s why --- no matter what methods I have to use, I must use Ayanokouji. 

As long as I can get ahold of something decisive, I can make Ayanokouji be unable to decline. 

I’ve been fighting with the darkness in my heart every day. 

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