Youjitsu V7: Sakura Airi – I, Sakura Airi, have been tossed back and forth

Youjitsu V7 SS
– Sakura Airi –
I, Sakura Airi, have been tossed back and forth

“I-I see. So you were not having a date.” 

Hahaha, great…! 

My heart felt at ease, I exhaled in relief. 

“But I totally didn’t get that impression, and no matter how many times she asked me I wouldn’t be able to answer. Honestly, it’s really unbearable.” 

Ever since I saw Kiyotaka-kun and Shiina-san having lunch together, my heart has been beating very fast. 

If she was Kiyotaka-kun’s girlfriend – my heart would probably stop beating. 

“You’re very naïve, Airi. You need to confirm it carefully, you know?” 

Haruka-chan whispered in my ears in a low voice. 

“True, saying Shiina was Kiyopon’s girlfriend was going a bit too far, but the probabilities of both liking each other or Kiyopon harboring feelings towards the other part exist.” 


B-but, if that were the case, perhaps it could be… 

“Right? That’s why you need to thoroughly investigate in advance.” 

“Saying this, Haruka-chan started talking to Kiyotaka-kun. 

“But I feel like you looked rather happy back then, weren’t you?” 

Just like that. Haruka-chan asked the questions I wanted to ask in my place. 

“I couldn’t show a dislike face either. After all, she is also a first year like me.” 

Yes, yes. It was just that, right? Because Kiyotaka-kun is very kind-hearted, that’s why he couldn’t ignore someone if they talked to him. 

“Leaving aside the love Haruka said, I’m a bit concerned about the person Class C is looking for. She apologized for eavesdropping me, but Sudo also seemed to discussed with Horikita about being bothered constantly.” 

Realizing the topic had shifted from love to a more serious topic, I felt relieved. 

“Yes. But it should be half true.” 

“T-that high!?” 

“Even if Kiyopon said he couldn’t show a disgusted expression, the fact is that he had lunch with a girl, you know? I actually think it’s better to be suspect a bit.” 

“Uuuuh. So it was like that after all…? 

“Ah, aren’t you overthinking? Perhaps Kiyopon treats everybody like that.” 

“Yes, yes. It must be that.” 

“But~ aren’t boys all like that~?” 


I, Sakura Airi, am always been tossed back and forth by my own heart. 

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