Youjitsu V6: Hasabe Haruka – Perhaps I can make friends

Youjitsu V6 SS
– Hasabe Haruka –
Perhaps I can make friends

I don’t hate going to school. 

I believe it went smoothly from elementary school to high school. 

But if I were asked whether I liked school or not, I wouldn’t be able to answer bluntly that I like it. 

When I was young, my chest developed early, so the girl’s distinctive feature I embodied was extremely eye-catching. During my childhood I was teased by the boys because of my chest and the girls looked at me with sympathy. My growth became even more remarkable after being promoted to junior high school. As a result, I received even more attention. 

Their eyes would unconsciously look towards my chest, this was inevitable. However, after I became aware of their lecherous gazes, my heart gradually became cold. 

Because of this, I became someone who basically stopped exercising. I gradually wanted to avoid those gazes. 

What happened as a result? Their impression of me naturally became one of a cold and arrogant person and they started to become distant. 

I didn’t get angry. It was very relaxing so I thought it was okay. 

When I became a high school student, I was already used to be a loner. Although I joined Karuizawa-san and Kushida-san’s group, I didn’t force myself to get close to their circle. 

I originally planned to live like this, not becoming friends with anybody… but the circumstances changed. 

I couldn’t help but to change. 

“I didn’t expect that not only we have to take the exams with a partner...but also it has to be with Miyacchi, who isn’t good in the same subjects as me.” 

In addition, I have never heard of students being the ones providing the exam questions. 

From their conversations, it looks like the the exams are going to be very difficult this time. 

“Who are you waiting for, Hasebe-san?” 

Kushida-san looked at me with an startled expression, who was standing there using my phone with one hand. 

“Ah, yes. I have some stuff to do, I’m going to a study group now.” 

“Now that you mention it, you were talking about this with Yukimura-kun and the others.” 

Being asked by her, there wasn’t anything that I needed to hide, so I honestly nodded as a reply. 

“Although it must be very hard, but good luck!. If you have any problem, I will come and help you at any time.” 


She left after our short exchange ended. 

‘She’s really a good person’ - I mumbled these thoughts. 

If only everybody were like Kushida-san, things would be very easy. 

It it were like this, I could probably blend into Class D a little bit more. 

I feel like I’m really not able to get along with Karuizawa-san and Satou-san. 

“...It’s useless thinking about this” 

“Why did you leave earlier?” 

Yukimura-kun walked towards me with a slightly angry expression. Miyacchi and Ayanokouji-kun were following behind him. 

“You ask me why? It’s because I don’t want to attract attention. It’s a bit inconvenient in the classroom--” 

I hate the most being cast lecherous glances by the boys even though I’m wearing a school uniform. 

“You don’t want others to see you talking to us?” 

“It’s not like that. I have my own circumstances.” 

“It would have been very easy to explain it, but I was unable to do so. This was hard to do against someone of opposite sex. 

“Don’t mind it, Yukimura. Hasebe has always been this kind of person.” 

Even though I can’t ascertain all the situation, these three people have one thing in common. 

None of them would use a perverted attitude to look at me. At least, this part deserves to be assessed. 

“If we keep standing and chatting here, there will be no empty seats. How about we move first?” 

“You’re right… It will be very troublesome if the seats were filled. Let’s go.” 

“You should also be careful with your words” 

“My way of speaking from earlier provokes resentment. I will reflect upon it.” 

Although it’s unclear whether I can have a smooth relationship with these three people. 

However, it looks like this looks interesting. 

This is what I think. 

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