Youjitsu V6: Sakura Airi – The person I love

Youjitsu V6 SS
– Sakura Airi –
The person I love

I was keeping down the intense heartbeat in my chest while I arrived at the Bunanoki shopping center together with Kiyotaka-kun. 

Whenever I see the Kiyotaka-kun walking beside me, my heart feels like it’s going to burst out. 

This is not a bad thing, but a comfortable pain. 

… I should have probable become aware of it. 

Right now, I love Ayanokouji Kiyotaka-kun. 

“It feels exciting going out with everybody… Ki-Kiyotaka-kun” 

“That' right, it doesn’t feel bad” 

It’s thanks to Keisei-kun and the others that I can address Ayanokouji-kun with “Kiyotaka-kun” 

Of course, I’m very embarrassed and I’m not doing it properly, and yet… 

“Eheheheee…. KIyotaka-kun” 

I’m already happy by only being able to call him by his name. 

“What's the matter?” 

Kiyotaka-kun asked me while showing a baffled expression. 

“Eh? What do you mean?” 

Not knowing the reason of Kiyotaka-kun’s question, I couldn’t help but to answer with another question. 

“You have called my name, right?” 

“…D-did I call you? I-I’m sorry, it’s not like that at all!” 

I thought I said it in my head, but it looks like I said it aloud carelessly. 

After I obtained the cinema ticket from Haruka-san, I looked for the seat numbers and I discovered that my seat was beside Kiyotaka-kun’s. 

It can’t be considered a d-date between both of us, but-but, we sit on adjacent seats. It’s great! 


Just when I was rejoicing, I heard someone calling Kiyotaka-kun from my back. It was a female voice. 

“Could it be that you are going to the cinema? Oh! This is for the movie that’s a hot topic!” 

It was Satou-san… She got very close to Kiyotaka-kun. 

I felt a bit of hatred and fear, so I widened my distance from them. 

“...It seems so.” 

“Were you invited by Karuizawa?” 

“No. I suggested to go watch a movie in the study group, then Karuizawa-san told me she also wanted to come, so we came together. Since it’s a rare opportunity, let’s go watch it together” 

Why Satou-san has to!? It was a rare chance to go watch a movie together with Kiyotaka-kun! Why, why!? 

While I was still confused, Satou-san hugged Kiyotaka-kun’s arm. 


Facing this hard to believe scene playing in front of me, my brain started to shake. 

After that I couldn’t hear my surroundings. 

Recently, they have been going out together, looking very intimate, it can’t be, it can’t be!? 

I did my utmost to keep my awareness in order to confirm the truth, so I yelled loudly. 

“Ehm, Ki-kiyotaka-kun” 

“What's the matter?” 

“Kiyotaka-kun… recently, Satou-san and you, have been in good terms...” 

Are you two dating? Even though I wanted to ask like this, I couldn’t get these words out of my mouth. 

I don’t have this kind of courage… 

“It’s a misunderstanding. Satou-san and I have been studying together a couple times because we are a "pair"” 

“B-but people don’t normally walk a-arm in arm?” 

“That wasn't arm in arm, but having my arm linked” 

“I feel that, if you dislike it you could shake it oft…” 

“I understand. I don’t think it will be a next time, but I will be careful” 

“A-and besides? Before the pairs were set, you also went somehere with Satou-san, right?” 

This was the thing I cared the most. I asked with all my might. 

“...b-between you two, is there anything…” 

Isn’t that the omen before a confession? –I couldn’t help but to think like this, like erasing myself. 

But, what, what if those were confession words? 

If Kiyotaka-kun accepted Satou-san’s confession, and they are dating each other right now? 

If this fact was revealed in front of me, my heart would probably stop beating. 



Kiyotaka-kun made a straightforward assertion. 

I’m so glad…I felt relief for the time being. 

But I would be lying if I said my heart was not disturbed. 

“Are you not convinced?” 

“N-no. S-sorry for always asking you weird questions… did I make you uncomfortable…?” 

I just keep asking him weird questions, could it be that Kiyotaka-kun hates me? 

Even though I’m nothing more than Kiyotaka-kun’s friend, I keep asking him unruly questions. 

I suddenly started self-loathing myself and I almost started to cry. 

But Kiyotaka-kun probably noticed my mood, so he talked to me gently 

“Not at all. If there’s something you are worried about, you can tell me at any time.” 

Wuuu, so gentle…. 

In this kind of situation, it couldn’t be helped if he didn’t feel happy, but Kiyotaka-kun still treated me like usual. 

Whenever I see Kiyotaka-kun like this, I like him even more. 

“C-count on me. I will properly keep an eye on Kiyotaka-kun” 

This is my first love. 

I will like him more and more --I firmly believe this. 

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