Youjitsu V6: Ichinose Honami – Honami Ichinose's Everyday 2

Youjitsu V6 SS
– Ichinose Honami –
Honami Ichinose's Everyday 2

"Hey Kanzaki-kun. Do you mind if I ask you a question?". 

Mid-December. The day the results of the Paper Shuffle were released, I called out to Kanzaki-kun. 

"As I thought, everyone in Class A is really smart. We couldn't catch up to them". 

"Even though we lost, the difference between us was merely 2 points. There is plenty of room for recovery". 

It was due to that narrow margin that the shock of our loss was a huge one too though. But, my class isn't one that would lose heart from just that. 

"It's still sketchy, but I understand the ranking of the sports festival too. It wouldn't be wrong to see Class D's coordination as being superior to that of Class C's. There's a high probability that with this result, Class D will begin to rise". 

For better or for worse, Class C is a class that is greatly influenced by the movements of Ryuuen-kun. If he makes a single mistake in his strategy, the class will take a step back proportionately as well. 

"Someday, I thought they would rise up to Class C, but this is going faster than expected". 

"Yeah, for them to rise up during the 1st year was unexpected. There was just that much of a gap, after all". 

Class D once lost all of their class points roughly one month after enrollment. Considering that they started from that point, it can be considered a miraculous gain. Class C also stalled significantly too though. However, there's something about Ryuuen-kun too that makes it hard to tell what he's thinking. Sacrificing his class points, there are rumors too that he's making various moves behind the scenes. Just because he's fallen to Class D it doesn't mean it's the end for him. 

I cannot afford to let my guard down. Soon after enrollment, I cannot forget the fact that he brought a dangerous bomb over to Class B. 

"But, what are you intending on doing with the cooperative relationship we have with Horikita from now on? If they beat Class C, next up is naturally Class B. In other words, their battle against us will begin". 

"Ordinarily speaking, that is. But, I want to continue our cooperative relationship and I think we should do so as well". 

"In other words, you mean you want to maintain the status quo until we defeat Class A?". 

"Yeah. I think it's ideal if we fight against Horikita-san and the others one-on-one at the very end. Each and every time we fight against Sakayanagi-san and Ryuuen-kun and the others, the amount of stamina it consumes is intense after all". 

"For better or for worse, Class D is similar to our class. It's easier to set up a strategy against them, is what you mean, huh". 

"That is what I mean". 

Of course, there are some unpredictable and mysterious elements to Horikita-san's Class D. Unlike Sakayanagi-san and Ryuuen-kun from earlier, even in the absence of an intense yet powerful leader, there should be a reason as to why they're catching up to the upper classes. 

No need to even mention Hirata-kun and Kushida-san who are supporting her. I should also assume Ayanokouji-kun to possess a certain degree of ability. Because at the sports festival, I felt that Ayanokouji-kun's relay showed the heights of Class D's potential along with leaving a strong impression of him. 

Well.....I already knew from a while ago that Ayanokouji-kun was fast though. When Class D's Sakura Airi-san almost got assaulted, I ran along with him to the scene of the crime. Having participated in the track and field club in the past before, I was confident in my own speed but at that time, his running form and focused breathing made me feel surprise inside me. It may just be that they're not standing out right now, but there could be other students similar to him. 

"Sorry but after this, I have plans to meet with someone". 

"Heh. Kanzaki-kun, you? That's uncommon". 

"I'd like to do what I can to make sure this class rises up to Class A". 

"Don't push yourself, ok?". 


Laughing lightly, Kanzaki-kun said that as he left the classroom with his luggage. 

"Hey, Ichinose. Can I have a moment?". 

After I finished my conversation with Kanzaki-kun, Shibata-kun came close to me. 

"What's wrong?". 

"No.....what were you talking about with Kanzaki?". 

"The future of Class B, I guess. We have to think of a strategy, after all". 

During the conversation, it seems Shibata-kun remembered the results of the Paper Shuffle. 

"Sorry about the exam. If I had only achieved more marks, we may have been able to win". 

"Don't mention it. I'm the same too". 

Everyone thinks 'if only I had achieved more marks', it's only natural. 

"We've decided to go out and play with everyone after this, but what'll you do?". 

Shibata-kun turned back to look and in front of him were Chihiro-chan and Asako-chan's figures. 

"That's right. It may be that precisely at times when we've lost, it's a good thing to make merry with everyone". 

I consented and decided to call out to everyone left behind in the class. Ultimately, bringing along the members of Class B which had swollen up to 10 people, we headed to Keyaki Mall. 

On the way there, we encountered three members of Class A. Sakayanagi-san, Hashimoto-kun and Kamuro-san. 

"Good morning, Sakayanagi-san". 

It's precisely in times of defeat that I need to keep myself cheerful and optimistic. 

"Ara. You're bringing along quite a large crowd of people. It seems quite fun, Ichinose-san". 

"No---because we couldn't have our victory celebration I thought we'd have our pity celebration instead". 

"So that is the case. To be honest, I was surprised at the passing scores of Class B. If even a single thing had gone wrong, we could have been the ones who lost. Our capabilities were almost equal". 

"Thank you. We won't lose next time, you know". 

"Yes. I'll be anticipating the next opportunity for our battle. Also, it's good fortune that I was able to meet Ichinose-san here. Truthfully, recently, I have something I'd like to consult Ichinose-san on". 


An unexpected thing came forth from Sakayanagi-san. 

"Yes. I'm confronting a problem I cannot solve and I don't know what I should do". 

Saying that, she dropped her gaze as she sighed slightly heavily. She's a person who seems like she'd solve everything on her own. That is precisely why this is unexpected. 

It was an attitude unlike the Sakayanagi-san who's always brimming with self-confidence. It might be a problem that's just that troublesome. 

"And so.....if you wouldn't mind, in the future, would I be able to consult you on that?". 

"Umm, are you ok with someone like me?". 

"My troubles are something that'll prove difficult to consult with the folks of Class A on. If Ichinose-san doesn't mind then---". 

"I don't mind at all. Yeah, I'd like you to contact me anytime. I don't know of how much use I'll be to you though". 

"That is fine. I think you'll definitely be of some use to me". 

I don't know Sakayanagi-san's contact number. I think it might be better to ask now. Right after I thought that, Sakayanagi-san beams at me and brought out a paper which I believe has her contact number. 

"I would feel bad for keeping everyone else waiting by taking up your time. I'll be taking my leave today with this then". 

"Ahh, ok. Then I'll send you my contact number later, ok?". 

I wonder if she always walks around carrying her contact number in a memorandum. I looked down at the address and number written on that paper and put it inside my pocket. Even as I felt a slight unease, I saw off Sakayanagi-san. 

"Hey Ichinose. I think this may be unnecessary but wouldn't it be better for you to be more cautious?". 

Saying that, Shibata-san called out to me worriedly. Perhaps Asako-chan and the others are the same too, but it seems like they're cautious about Sakayanagi-san's consultation. 

"No need to worry. I'll just be taking her consultation, that's it". 

"That may be the case. But it's THAT Sakayanagi, you know?". 

I can understand Shibata-kun's worries. But I don't know whether it's a lie or not unless I talk to her. If she really is in trouble I want to help her. I will always do my very best to answer the calls of everyone else no matter who they are. Even if one day, I may end up getting strangled by it all. 

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