Youjitsu V6: Sakayanagi Arisu – Arisu Sakayanagi's Everyday: Behind the Scenes of the End of Term Exams Chapter

Youjitsu V6 SS
– Sakayanagi Arisu –
Arisu Sakayanagi's Everyday: Behind the Scenes of the End of Term Exams Chapter

I have seen it in my dreams. The stage is the sports festival. How many times has it been already? 

The majority of the boring and endless time have completely disappeared from my dreams. But only that single act – the one that consisted in the relay race, the final athletic event, slowly but continuously reappears in my dreams. 

I keep having the same dream because I want to see that scene again. Or I believe I need to watch it. Apart from this there is no other reason. This is probably because the deep layers of my mind are influencing me. 

He was evenly matched with the Student Council President Horikita-san… no, from my point of view, it was an easy battle. From the split second I saw his silhouette, the boring everyday totally changed, like a flower recklessly blossoming. 

School roll in Class D, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka-kun. His silhouette was deeply branded in my brain, impossible to get rid of. 

I slowly opened my eyes 

Calmly, I slightly exhaled a tepid breath. The sunset was gradually sinking down. 

It looks like I took a nap in this deserted place. 

“I desire to obtain him” 

Like a maiden in love, I frequently think about Ayanokouji-kun. 

There is no need to understand the reason why he is placed in this school’s Class D. 

As long as he is in this school, being my enemy, it’s enough for me. 


This is so wonderful. This is a miracle. 

“You can really sleep in a place like this!” 

The one using a surprised voice beside me to start a conversation is Masumi-san from Class A. 

She looked dissatisfied at me with her arms crossed. 

“How about you also take a nap? It is unexpectedly snug.” 

“Now it’s not the time for taking naps. Why are you looking for me? I want to go back earlier.” 

She’s still so impatient. I really wish she learns to enjoy the mood. 

It looks like if I didn’t talk seriously, I guess she would just go back immediately, so I got straight to the point. 

“The end term exams are going to start very soon, have you been reviewing properly?” 

“I’ve been properly reviewing. I’m averaging around 60-70.” 

“If you don’t mind it, I can teach you. I can tutor you alone.” 

“Don’t joke about it.” 

I was being serious, but Masumi-san shook her head with a disgusted expression. 

“You don’t need to flaunt your academic levels. If you only wanted to tell me this, then I’m going back” 

“What was the situation in the classroom after the classes finished?” 

“The situation? Very normal. Aren’t we just earnestly preparing for the exams?” 

“What about them?” 

“Katsuragi and the others? They kept complaining about having to battle against Class B. You are aware of this already. If you asked me, I also think it would’ve been better to choose the easier Class D or Class C as target. 

She showed a dissatisfied expression. It looks like she harbors doubts about aiming directly for Class B. 

“If we were to lose this direct confrontation, they would almost catch up to our accumulated class points.” 

“You don’t need to worry about it. As long as they can’t surpass our points, them catching up is not a menace. Humans, as long as they have hope, they will cling on it. If they don’t try to chase after us at all costs, the school life is going to be boring.” 

Properly speaking, there wouldn’t be any problem even if we were surpassed. However, these words will most likely disturb Masumi-san's heart, so I didn't say the aloud. 

After all, Class A students all want to do their utmost in order to hold their status. 

"I just can't comprehend. I fail to understand what's interesting and what's boring. Keeping Class A status should be the priority. Until now, you have been obstructing Katsuragi and the others, who have different policies than you, and have stirred up a battle within the classroom. But this has also ended. You have wom the faction war. So now it's time to work together." 

The untalkative Masumi-san when we first met have recently become more entertaining in conversations. 

Although I didn’t dislike her previous arrogant attitude, but as a friend, this is indeed better. 

"Work together with Katsuragi-san, as it should be." 

So long as the Class A's smooth and evasive policies are completed, it can allocate this manpower into other places. 

If we could set our eyes on Class B, it should be slightly easier to manage. 

"Why do I have to pay attention to these kinds of things? So, excuse me, , can you hurry and state your business?" 

"Please be happier. Today I'm going to dialogue with that Katsuragi-kun" 

"...with Katsuragi-san?" 

Masumi-san looked at an empty place. 

"Yes. Since we are going to discuss about working together or not, I think that, as my right hand, you should also participate." 

The time was approaching the stipulated half past 5. It was probably the time. 

He showed himself 1 minute earlier than the stipulated time. And he also brought another person, Inoue-kun. 

"Why have you called us to this kind of place?" 

Before Katsuragi-kun opened his mouth, Inoue-kun asked with a slightly rough tone of voice. 

It looks like they are maintaining a strong sense of vigilance. It's not surprising given what has happened until now. 

"Today, with regard to the end of term exams, I want to consult with you once again." 

"Consult? Haven't you already decided the tactics?" 

Katsuragi-kun crossed his arms as to imply - right now there's already no need to discuss anything. 

"Do you still believe my idea of attacking Class B was a mistake?" 

It would be very nice if you could have changed your mind until now. 

"Right now I still think that. If it were me, I would aim for Class D or Class C." 

Apparently, I didn't obtain the answer I was looking forward to. 

"As expected, you are very dull, Katsuragi-kun. So far until now you have always been dull." 

"Dull huh. Indeed, I'm just this type of man. I won't deny I have always been pursuing stability. But this has always been the optimal solution in order to achieve victory." 

"I wouldn't have any objection if that was the optimal solution." 

Even if I said these things to him, it would be to no avail. Being faithful to the basics is a strength, but to me this kind of strength is extremely boring. I already walked past that old path 10 years ago. 

"What do you really want to say, Sakayanagi?" 

Inoue-kun got angry as if he took it personally. 

Looks like he fairly supports Katsuragi-kun, or more correctly, this protection is what he should do as a friend. 

"The only one who can satisfy you is that eccentric Ryuuen." 

"Maybe. I don't have any interest in people like Ichinose-san and you." 

Indeed, Ryuuen is an interesting talented person. There are a lot of similar people like him, but only a very small portion stand out. 

He might have been the only person in this school that could've made me feel joy. 

Be that as it may, it is already a thing of the past. 

Since I have encountered Ayanokouji Kiyotaka-kun, there are nobody in my eyes other than him. 

"Your methods will make a lot of people fall into misfortune. this is what I believe." 

"Maybe it will" 

As long as I can directly defeat him, I have no attachments to Class A 

I wouldn't care even if we dropped to Class B --this is what I am thinking right now. 

As long as I can defeat him, even "leaving this school" could be regarded as an option. 

In that case, this would be counted as misfortune for Katsuragi-kun and class A students. 

"I actually want to ask you whether you regret the decision of choosing Class A. But looking at you, I'm definitely unable to get along with you." 

"This time Katsuragi-san has conceded, but next time it won't be like this!" 

"Then what do you want to do? Do you still want to battle against me?" 

"Of course! There's only one leader in Class A and that's Katsuragi-san!" 

Compared to the yelling Inoue-kun, Katsuragi-kun calmly said. 

"No. There's no need for more battles. I want to withdraw from the contest for the leadership." 

"K-Katsuragi-san, are you being serious!?" 

Inoue-kun turned his head showing a hard to believe expression, looking very shaken. 

"I originally didn't lead the class to this day because I wanted to be the leader, but because I considered, but to propose the most optimal tactics in order to bring benefits to Class A. that's why I adopted these actions. In addition, Sakayanagi, I did only acquiescence the internal strife because I thought you were wrong. But since the class points have dropped down to this point, there needs to be someone to take responsibility" 

And the responsibility rested in Katsuragi-kun’s shoulders, who was leading Class A so far. 

"Please wait a moment. if it's like this, then Sakayanagi should be the one assuming the responsibility! Because she meaninglessly threw the class into disarray and dragged it down!" 

"You can't assess that either. It's a fact that I chose the wrong options." 

Katsuragi-kun revealed a regretful expression. 

Indeed, entering into defensive stance multiple times gave the enemy to drill a hole. 

But the thing that makes him regret the most and unable to extricate himself, that would be that thing that happened in the uninhabited island, that left the biggest impact. Although I did not mention "that contract" here. 

"Even though I feel that it's still not enough, if you say that you want to quit the school then it would be another story." 

"This conversation is over" 

Although the conversation had just started not long ago, Katsuragi-kun already planned to leave. 

"From now on I ask you to keep leading Class A following my policies, Katsuragi-kun" 

"What did you say?" 

"I did really oppose you at choosing the battle tactics. But I believe your management skills made me see you in a new light. If you can act as my right arm, then your position in the class will be immovable. And people like Inoue-kun will also be willing to obey your management." 

"What a rare invitation, but allow me to reject it. If I wanted to obey you, there wouldn't have been a collision between you and me. I will take my leave then." 

"Who wants to obey you!" 

Inoue-kun also said this line. I wanted to establish cooperative relations, but I ended up breaking off the relations with them. 

But from now on he will not contradict me and will not give me complaints. Seeing him losing his will of fight 

But he will not hit me in the future, give me a comment. It was easy to see from his appearance of having lost his will to fight. It wasn't bad since it saved me some effort. 

"Is it okay like this?" 

"Since he gave up fighting, I would not attack from behind. Moreover, I only opposed Katsuragi-kun because I wanted to kill some time." 

Since now that I have future provisions, I no longer need him anymore. 

"Then is my mission over?" 

"Indeed, I no longer need you to monitor Katsuragi-kun. You there are still work for you. Next you will have to monitor Ayanokouji-kun" 

"By Ayanokouji-kun, you mean that guy from the relay race? Why are you so concerned about that guy from Class D?" 

"Are you interested?" 

"Not at all. It's your bad habit again." 

"Haha, you really understand. He is just like Masumi-san, that lets me feel joy" 

The instant I said these words, Masumi-sans grabbed my collar. 

After that, she stared at me as if she was facing her mortal enemy. 

"I will never approve of someone like you. You really make me want to puke" 

"This is really strange. Actually, do you think you have the right to self-proclaim yourself as a good person?" 

I picked up the cane that was beside me and pushed to Masumi-san's neck. 

"If I wanted, I could immediately bury you, you know?" 


No matter how hard they try to be brave by adopting a mighty appearance, the weak points that were exposed will never disappear. 

The girl called Kamuro Masumi is already in my hands. 

"After all, you are an outstanding person, please don't make me lose you in this manner." 

"...when will you free me?" 

"It's hard to say. It depends on my mood. You can only work hard." 

Things I'm unable to do. My disadvantageous condition --unable to stand on the ground constantly on the move. 

I need Masumi-san to become my legs and work hard for me. 

"I hope you die." 

Showing this nasty attitude, Masumi-san went back to the dorm. 

I watched attentively her rear view, feeling that she was cute. 

"It's interesting to tease her once in a while. It would be good if these days were I can laugh happily continue forever." 

This all depends on Ayanokouji-kun. 

How much has Ayanokouji-kun grown, compared to the him I saw that day? I'm really looking forward to it. 

I wish my boring daily live will change. 

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