Youjitsu V5: Ichinose Honami – Sports festival: Ichinose's battle

Youjitsu V5 SS
– Ichinose Honami –
Sports festival: Ichinose's battle

It was not too far from the end of the Sports festival. In order to cheer for everyone, I stood in front of my classmates. 

“Everybody, do your best, hold on just a little bit more!” 

I shouted while I raised my fist, and everybody replied me with energetic shouts and raising their hands. 

Looking at everyone, I was convinced we would obtain victory. We had almost the first place of the first years in the bag. But we shouldn’t be careless. We need to effectively accumulate points in order to ensure our victory. This is our Class B’s true goal. I’m just joking. 

“Well, let’s go Ichinose. Next it’s going to be the mixed three legged race.” 


Shibata-kun and I went together to the field. No matter who the opponent is, we only need to fight by going all-out. But seeing an unexpected person, I stopped walking for an instant. 

“What happened Ichinose?” 

"Oh, I have just seen Kikyo-chan. I want to go and greet her." 

While saying this, I pointed to two people who were walking in front of us. They were the Class D student Kushida Kikyo-san and Ayanokouji Kiyotaka-kun. Although I didn’t tell Shibata-kun, my eyes weren’t looking at Kikyo but at Ayanokouji-kun. 

During this sports festival, I secretly remembered the results of his competitions. His performance was average. But I sensed something from it. 

Having seen his tricks and demeanor in the last exam in the ship, and all of his actions until now, my impression of “ordinary student you can find everywhere” of him began to change. 

“Yaho ~Ayanokouji-kun. And Kikyo-chan. It looks like we are all in the same group~” 

In the end I still greeted them naturally. Although I subconsciously called out the name of Ayanokouji-kun first, I thought that was not important, and apparently nobody cared about it. 

Kikyo-chan looked alternatively at Shibata-kun and me, and said this a bit troubled. 

"Wow~ this is really a powerful enemy, you two are actually in the same group ..." 

"Although Shibata-kun is awesome, I’m not a big deal, and I haven’t got a single first place yet." 

Being praised by Kikyo-chan, Shibata-kun was happy and rubbed his nose embarrassed. Kikyo-chan’s popularity levels have already spread far outside of Class D. 

"Really? That’s unexpected?" 

It seems that my surroundings believed by mistake that I was good at sports. 

But it’s simply that they don’t have that perception. Even so, I don’t plan to take the initiative and say it. 

After all, it wouldn’t appropriate. But it felt great to be considered a strong opponent. 

"I got a second place, the rest were all fourth or fifth place. Originally another girl was supposed to enter the race, but she sprained her leg during the 200-meter race from this morning. It seems that there are quite a lot of wounded people this year. " 

So I told them my unremarkable performance. 

Ah, the competition is almost going to start, I need to remember that feeling. Although I practiced a couple of times with Shibata-kun, it’s a another thing to be display it in the middle of the competition. 

"Shibata Jun, can I tie our legs?" 

“OK ~” 

Having obtained the consent of the already prepared Shibata-kun, I said goodbye to Ayanokouji-kun and them. 

“Let’s win this, Ichinose.” 

"Yes. Although Class D have been working very hard, their situation doesn’t look very good." 

“In fact, we are fighting against Class C. I want to obtain victory in the last event, the relay race.” 

“I’ll look forward to it~ last relay runner.” 

“Leave it to me.” 

Boom – Shibata-kun patted his chest made people feel he was very reliable. I turned my head back a little and saw Ayanokouji-kun and Kikyo-chan already prepared and had the rope tied, slowly starting to take steps. 

"Am I imagining things?" 


"No, it's nothing." 

Compared to him, who made people feel unfathomable, it was better to focus on the victory before my eyes. I thought this. 

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