Youjitsu V3: Ichinose Honami – The circumstances of Ichinose Honami's exam

Youjitsu V3 SS
– Ichinose Honami –
The circumstances of Ichinose Honami's exam

Midsummer in the uninhabited island. Class B students were each playing properly their roles. 

It was the second day of that special exam. I stood up feeling satisfied with the hammock I personally made. 

“Hey! Yeah Now it’s completed!” 

I nodded looking towards the tied ropes. Chihiro-chan, who was at the side supervising the progress of the works, looked also very happy. 

“As expected from Honami-chan! Thank you!” 

“I can help at any time with these kind of jobs, so call me whenever you are troubled.” 

After saying this, Chihiro-chan showed a carefree smile and linked with my arms. Like this, she looked as cute as a little sister. 

In the past, when Chihiro-chan confessed to me, I was afraid our relationship would be affected. But those worries disappeared in the following day, she treated me like usual. 

So I took advantage of that moment, opened my heart and talked to her like I used to. 

“Ichinose-san is good at everything. Do you have things that you consider you are bad? Like sports and so on.” 

Ah –ha—even if I know there’s no malice, don’t just add that last sentence nonchalantly! 

“Don’t you think being bad at sports and so on is already surprisingly fatal? 

Besides, bad… more like bad, that’s just not being good at it. 

Rather than saying it aloud, it was a small excuse in my heart. 

I’m confident my running speed is fairly fast. In contrast, my ability to maintain the equilibrium – known as part of the motor neurons, has its own bad side. 

There has happened a lot of times where I threw or kicked a ball, this went very deviated, so I’m mocked in the classroom for this. Uuuuh, I’m so sad. 

“It’s not like that at all. For me, that side of hers really adds UP her cute points.” 

For me it was a very embarrassing thing, but Chihiro-chan was very happy. 

“Wah, stop it idiot, that’s too cold!” 

“Wahahaha! Oraora!” 

Accompanied by the sound of splashing water in all directions, I could hear the guys shouting while playing with the water. 

“Everybody is having a great time.” 

Watching the scene of their innocent looks, it inevitably causes people to smile. Should I also join them? 

“Embarrassing. The boys are just a bunch of brats.” 

“A-are they?” 

Is it because Chihiro-chan has an insensitive side, or because she has a strong conflict with the boys? 

“But everybody has done a great job. Even though nobody has previously experienced surviving in an uninhabited island, but they have affronted the exam smoothly and without panicking. 

After they revealed the exam, normally people would plunge into chaos, but everybody in the classroom pulled themselves together and calmed down, that was beyond my expectations. 

Thanks to everybody, I could also bring out my usual strength and could contribute to the class. Just passing through the exam like this. Firmly holding the points and at the same time, not forgetting about cheerfully enjoying. 

“Hey Honami-chan, after this let’s go to the seaside. Since it’s a rare chance, I really want to go swimming.” 

“Then let’s invite everybody and go together.” 

“…Honami-chan, if you want it like that, then it’s also okay.” 

Eh, why are you looking into my eyes? And your cheeks feels like they have a feverish tone! 

“But I think that… a romantic couple’s world is better” 

Don’t tell me that Chihiro-chan still likes me. Rather, this reply just means she still likes me!? W-w-w-what should I do!? 

“Really, I was kidding. You don’t need to panic.” 

Perhaps she saw through my panicking heart, Chihiro-chan said while laughing. 

“You’re so bad. I was feeling anxious because I had taken your words seriously.” 

“Because there are still two and a half years left. You don’t need to feel anxious. But I’ll definitely change Honami-chan’s heart before graduation. 

“En en, just like that just like –“ 

After nodding in admiration, I once again reflected calmly what she has said just a moment ago, and them my whole body froze. 


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