Youjitsu V3: Sakura Airi – Things that sprout

Youjitsu V3 SS
– Sakura Airi –
Things that sprout

After the special exam began, the school life I had in mind had changed drastically. 

Is it because of living in the uninhabited island? Or is it because I haven’t experienced a cruel life until now? 

No, it’s nothing like that. Those are trivial things. 

I was staring at the guy who was walking ahead of me in the dense forest. 

Why? I don’t know the answer. 

When I realized it, my eyes were already on his body. This has never happened until now. 

If I extend my arm I can touch him, that is the distance between us. I tried to extend my arm slightly. 

But that’s something I’m unable to touch. The distance is so close and yet it’s out of reach. 

Suddenly, the boy… Ayanokouji-kun, stopped and turned his body. 

My pulse accelerated as I retrieved my hand hurriedly. I-I haven’t been seen just now, right? 

“Let’s rest for a bit, since it’ll still take quite some time to reach the destination.” 

He said this gently, as if he had realized I was starting to feel exhausted, and looked for a place we could rest. 

Although I was ashamed of my lack of physical strength, him being able to be considerate of me, I felt happy. 

Ayanokouji-kun, who was standing there, went to the huge tree he had just seen, tidied it up by removing the dirt and the tree leaves with his hand to the extent one could sit on it, and sat down. 

Although he also tidied up a place for me, I couldn’t refrain from making a sound. 

I wanted to sit beside Ayanokouji-kun, but, I was so embarrassed… 

Sitting there was the equivalent to staying inseparably close to him. 

Perhaps Ayanokouji-kun planned to sit there comfortably alone. If I insisted on sitting there, wouldn’t he be displeased? 

After thinking a bit, I was really unable to sit beside him. 

I planned to find a suitable place to sit down, but the ground of the surroundings was not leveled, so if I sat down it looked like it would hurt a lot. Uuuu, endure, endure. 

In order not to be disliked, I sat down far away from him. My butt hurt so much. 

I tried hard to pretend that everything was all right, Ayanokouji-kun kept staring here, he probably had been seen through me. 

“You can sit here.” 

“May I?” 

“Of course, you can’t rest properly by sitting there.” 

“Um, um…” 

Although it was indeed like that… our s-shoulders would be almost touching. 

There was no reason not to feel happy after being called, so I suppressed my happy and nervous mood while I sat beside Ayanokouji-kun. 

Ayanokouji-kun’s scent drifted into my nose by the wind. 

Sakura Airi, this might be most intense moment in your whole life…! 

“Nature is amazing… just by walking a bit we have spent a lot of time.” 

I said that in order to alleviate my nervousness. 

I needed to think about other topics, since I felt that my face had become like an octopus because of how red it was. 

“Recalling Koenji’s dissatisfied expression, it could be considered that the school has been managing this place properly. If this was a rainforest from overseas, then it would’ve been even more dangerous.” 

Ayanokouji-kun stared at the front with a slightly thoughtful expression. 

I stared unconsciously at Ayanokouji’s face and told him my thoughts. 

“At first, I was gloomy when we set off on a trip, since someone like me with no friends wouldn’t be able to have fun. I only thought it would be okay by just staying in my room, because it would be like an ordinary day like that. But it turned out like this, being told that this was an exam…” 

I was also surprised, this was a huge development. I had never thought I could talk to someone like that. 

Why was that? Why could I talk to Ayanokouji-kun like that? 

“But now… I believe “it was good that I came here”. After all, there weren’t many chances for me to talk to Ayanokouji-kun like this…” 

I was able to say the words I would never be able say in a normal situation. 

“If only this could keep on forever, it would be great –“ 

Ah, these were my heartfelt words, my feelings at that moment with no falsities. 

“I agree.” 

Although Ayanokouji-kun didn’t turn around, he still answered me gently. 

Just this short line made my heart feel warm. Ah, so comfortable. 

I strongly wished to be able to save the scene and my feelings of this moment. 

“Uuuu…what a shame.” 

“What’s up?” 

The way I said it would make people be worried. Ayanokouji-kun turned his body to look at me, worried. 

“I was thinking that if I had a digital camera right now, I could take the best photo…” 

If it was like that, we could’ve taken a photo together. 

“But it wouldn’t be that good if I was also photographed in there.” 

“It’s only because Ayanokouji-kun is also in that I believe I could take the best photo…Ah! No! I meant, it’s because I don’t have any friends to take photos with!” 

More than not being improper, it was because I wanted to take a photo with him that I couldn’t help but raise my voice. 

I got embarrassed and I turned my head away. 

Right now I was unable to look at Ayanokouji-kun’s face. 

Even though this was not something someone like me could ask… 

But --oh God, please give me more… of these warm and gentle moments. 

I couldn’t help but wish that. 

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