Youjitsu V3 SS – Kushida Kikyou – The important time

Youjitsu V3 SS
– Kushida Kikyou –
The important time

“Kikyo-chan? Hey, are you okay? 

Feeling the sensation of fingers touching my shoulders, I was a bit startled as I turned my head. 

There was a slightly worried Shinohara-san. 

“Ah!? Sorry, were you calling me?” 

My sense of hearing, which was covered by silence, suddenly started picking up sounds. The noisy sounds of the surroundings hit me like a tsunami. 

I accidentally dropped the doll that was in my hands on the floor and it bounced a bit. 

“What’s the matter?” 

“Karuizawa-san has proposed to go to the deck, it looks like there’s a great scenery.” 

“I understand. I’ll go there once I’ve bought this.” 

I believed it was fate, so I bought the dolphin doll the size of the palm of my hand. 

After obtaining the dolphin doll, I rendezvoused with the girls in front of the entrance of the shop and went together towards the deck. 

The crew members standing in front of the entrance welcomed us with a wide smile in their faces, and helped us open the door. 

In order to look at the scenery, most of the students have already gathered at the bow. 

“The scenery is awesome! It’s incredible!” 

Even Karuizawa, who usually never shows any interest in anything other than dressing herself up, couldn’t help but sigh. It seems that the scenery is really unique. 

She surveyed the ocean with her eyes lit up. The rest of the girls were doing the same. 

But I looked at the scenery as if it had nothing to do with me, involuntarily. 

It was absolutely not because I had a bad idea about it. Just because I considered that this moment was very important so I didn’t want to ruin it. 

“It’s really an impressive view…” 

I switched my mood and answered like this. 

“It seems that the boys are in the bow. Let’s join them.” 

Everybody accepted Karuizawa-san’s suggestion. Apparently, trying to start occupying places right now would be a bit difficult. 

“… Act naturally, naturally.” 

I whispered in a voice nobody could hear it and proceeded with them towards the deck. After that we treaded into the vacant place the guys from Class D occupied. It seems that Ike-kun and Sudo-kun’s group has occupied this place. 

The boys who saw us let us into the vacant place without a trace of dislike in their faces. 

Then, I saw Ayanokouji-kun for the first time, gazing boringly into the sea. I felt a bit of impatience. The reason was because he saw my hidden part. 

In a normal situation, I’d be paying close attention to him and monitor every single move. But his presence is always very low. Normally, He never speaks apart from the bare minimum, so it’s difficult to follow him closely. 

Only that, every time I see him, I start to remember other things. 

“Eh? Where’s Horikita-san? Aren’t you two together?” 

Horikita-san is one of Ayanokouji-kun’s few friends. For me that is the most important thing. 

“I don’t know, I’m not her protective charm… Also, she isn’t a person who would fully enjoy a trip, she’s probably in her room, I believe?” 

There’s nobody in the class who loves being alone more than Horikita-san. She probably won’t try to enjoy the trip but stay in her room instead. 

It also makes things easier, so let’s first enjoy the summer vacation. 

“I guess so.” 

After giving him such a short answer, I stood beside Ayanokouji-kun and felt the sea at close range. 

When the ship’s broadcast ended, an isle appeared in my field of vision. That’s the beach we are about to go, the main attraction of this summer vacation. 

Karuizawa-san and the others are probably looking forward to it and they are talking about going for a swim. 

This school is different to the normal schools. Even though there are quite a lot of thrilling elements, normal days also exist. The expected everyday also exists. I want to protect them at all costs. I have no choice but to protect them. 

For this reason, I… even possessed such a determination. 

We were gradually approaching the isle. 

My --progressively stronger determination was also gradually approaching. 

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