Youjitsu V11.5: Sakayanagi Arisu – A Prediction of the Future

Youjitsu V11.5 SS
– Sakayanagi Arisu –
A Prediction of the Future

After the the end-of-term ceremony was concluded, all students went to their respective classrooms for some last explanations before I left the classroom at immediately.

That being said, with my impaired feet, I couldn’t move as fast as other people. I eventually reached my goal and waited for that person who seemingly was delayed.

«What are you doing out here, Sakayanagi?»

Mashima, who attended the farewell ceremony for the 3rd years, puzzlingly asked me as he came closer.

«I’ve been waiting for you, Mashima-sensei»

«…For me?»

«Yes. You are about to meet Ayanokouji-kun and Chabashira-sensei in the reception room, am I correct?»

«What do you mean?»

Mashima-sensei wouldn’t admit it, at least on the surface.

But I already know the finer details. From the time I gave Ayanokouji-kun my father’s phone number, I expected this to happen.

«You must have gotten a message from Chairman Sakayanagi to meet Ayanokouji-kun. Chabashira-sensei should be present as well, I presume?»

«How do you know that?»


«I just know more about the situation than both you and Chabashira-sensei, that’s all.»

«Even if that’s true, your name wasn’t mentioned.»

«That’s because I’m taking part on the spur of the moment. Could you I accompany you?»

«I sadly don’t have the permission to do so. It would become a problem were I to take you along.»

«I will just meet up with you later even if we went separately. So why don’t we just go together in the first place? I believe It will save you some time as well.»

Even if I didn’t get his permission to go together with him, I would visit the reception room alone.

In other words, the conclusion would be the same anyway.

«…Fine, since it looks like you already know about the circumstances.»

«Thank you very much.»

I turned around and took a step towards the reception room. He soon caught up to me.

«What in the world are we going to discuss at this meeting?»

«Something very, very interesting.»

I can predict some of the moves the Interim Chairman Tsukishiro may use in the future. I feel my boring days are getting more colourful just by imagining that. Following after Mashima, we walked into the reception room where Ayanokouji-kun is waiting.

To enjoy my time with him. And to enjoy what’s about to come.

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