Youjitsu V11.5: Ichinose Honami – The Second Chapter is about to Begin

Youjitsu V11.5 SS
– Ichinose Honami –
The Second Chapter is about to Begin

On a certain day during spring vacation, with the second semester just around the corner.

Some cherry blossoms had already begun to bloom, welcoming the change from winter to spring. 


While I looked up at the cherry trees, a girl’s voice rang out to me.

“Here, here! Look here Ayanokouji-kun!”

It was a voice I’ve heard before, I thought when I suddenly was called by name. I soon realised who it was.

Ichinose was sitting under a cherry tree waving her hand at me.

“Did you go to school today?”

She was sitting there in her school uniform, right beneath the tree.

“Yes, I checked out the student council for a bit since the 2nd years said it probably will get busier now.”

“So you decided to do some flower viewing on your way back?”

“That’s it! I think I found the perfect spot.”

Looking right up at the sky and the cherry blossoms intertwined, she narrowed her eyes in a happy smile.

“I’ve never seen such small cherry flowers before. So they really do exist after all.”

This variety of cherries are called Omuro Ariake. Their small height, about 2m-4m, are one of their defining traits.

The school didn’t have those until last year so they must have been moved here from somewhere.

“How about it, Ayanokouji-kun? Want to sit?”

She prompted me to sit down beside where by tapping on the spot beside her. How should I put it, how she is able to carelessly call out to boys just like that is so like her and probably part of the reason she is so popular.

It wasn’t prohibited to move closer to the trees, but there was a warning sign that said we shouldn’t touch them without any reason to.

I didn’t have any excuses to refuse her so I sat down beside her.

“How about we watch them together?”

Thus I also looked straight up as she had.


They may have been small, but at this range, they left a surprisingly strong impression.

From time to time, a sudden gust of wind would make the pretty cherry petals dance and scatter around. As if it was all but a dream.

“It’s nice to do some flower viewing from time to time, right?”


While we both looked up at the cherry blossoms, we talked together about the most casual of things.

The impending battle looming in the distance all but forgotten for just this moment.

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