Youjitsu 2nd Year V1: Karuizawa Kei SS – A Time Just for Them Alone

Youjitsu 2nd Year Volume 1
– Karuizawa Kei SS –
A Time Just for Them Alone

It was Friday evening. I had gone to my boyfriend’s room to play. As if… we were going to study.

Usually this kind of things tend to lead to something romantic, but the chances of it happening was zilch.

It’s a pity that it felt like an extension of school however.

But I wasn’t that sad. It was precious alone time with him after all.

Being who I am, I asked him a bit about himself.

«By the way, there’s something I’ve been wondering ‘bout.»

«What is it?»

«I know you are teaching me and such, but aren’t you supposed to be ranked at C for academics? That’s so normal if you know what I mean? The truth is… you could have gotten something better, isn’t that right?»

«That’s how it is.»

I already knew he was pretty smart already.

I just didn’t know how smart he was.

If he was at studying, being open about it would make people look at him more favourably I think.

«Your fighting I can understand, but why are you trying to hide everything else so much?»

«I don’t want to stand out, so I don’t see the need to take a better score.»

That seems like something he would say.

By how he’s been so quiet up until now, that seems understandable.

«Hey hey, how much could you get if you got serious?»

«Who knows.»

Who knows, he said? I instinctively revealed a smile due to how cool and serious he looked.

«Don’t try to hide it, tell me~?»

Something only I had heard, something he only told me.

That’s special… yes, something between couples.

It can’t be helped, he seemed to think while I was pestering him so he came up with this suggestion.

«If you show up at the study group from tomorrow on, I don’t mind telling you.»

I had been invited to the study group that was managed by Horikita-san a few times already.

I have always managed to avoid them until now. But it’s true, even I knew I needed to study.

«I will, I will! I realised just how bad it’s for me today!»

Yes, if I got a failing mark at any special exams now, I would be expelled.

I refuse to get expelled just after going out with him.

Finally realising how serious I was, he revealed it to me.

«Let’s leave aside how many points I could get. I’m wondering how many to get.»

«W-what’s that supposed to mean? It’s kinda sounds awesome, the way you’re putting it.»

The surprising part wasn’t that he said how many points he wanted to take, or how many he could manage. That was made it so impressive.

«400 points.»

The amount he casually said he would take would be a pipe dream if I had said the same.

«…You serious? If I remember right, 400 points would be…»

I tried to remember what Chabashira-sensei had explained.

«A in Academics.»

«Y-you think just wishing for it somehow makes it possible?»

You normally wouldn’t get that many points just by merely studying.

In other words, he was saying that he could compete with Yukimura as of now too?

«It comes natural to me and I haven’t encountered any problems I thought I couldn’t solve since I entered this school.»

I’m done. I can’t follow what he is saying…really. He’s so awesome.

So that means, it may be weird, but what he is saying is basically that he can control how many points he get?

A-and, doesn’t it sound like he could archieve full score if he decided to get serious?…

But his answer was so unrealistic that I couldn’t keep up with him.

I don’t think I’m lying when I say that my face probably looked like I was in the clouds right now.

«It’s because I can see everything that I know the risks and want you to focus.»

At any rate, I should listen to his warning since since he’s so impressive.

But it’s true that my heart wasn’t leaping out of joy by the idea of studying with Horikita and the rest.

«Well… maybe I should study a bit before I leave…»

Yes, I think I can do my best if it’s together with my boyfriend.

«I see. Then let’s start at once.»

He easily agreed to my modest wish.

I became more positive by seeing his appearance in front of me as he opened the notes and instructed me.

«Here, here.»


If that’s the case, better to sit side-by-side instead of facing one another.

I tapped the spot beside me, welcoming him to come over.

«Teach me from here, then»

He didn’t reject me, and slowly went over and sat down beside me.

It was if a gentle breeze had taken his scent along with it.

I became so happy that I for a moment didn’t care about studying at all. But I took the reins once again and focused.

In order to spend a fun school life with Kiyotaka.

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