Youjitsu 2nd Year V1: Nanase Tsubasa Tapestry SS – The Voice in my Heart

Youjitsu 2nd Year Volume 1
– Nanase Tsubasa Tapestry SS –
The Voice in my Heart

«Horikita-senpai sure is busy.» I muttered as I saw her leave the library.

«That’s part of her work to hold the class together after all.»

«I wish I can become someone as splendid as her too, by next year…»

«Horikita didn’t ask you in detail about this but, how are you going to convince Housen?»

That amounts to nothing more than a small detail to me. But this may be my chance since Horikita-senpai isn’t here.

«That… I don’t have a problem answering that question but only if, if you can tell me about you.»

«About me?»

«Horikita-senpai is the leader of your class. You aren’t anything like that, right?»

«What— kind of person are you, senpai?»

I wasn’t even aware of it. I asked him this question without thinking at all. I’d be better if I’d stopped right here, but I still continued, willpower in every word I said as he looked at me in silence.

«Will you tell me?»

About what I wanted to know. What kind of person are you?

I started to think I’d asked him in a wrong way somehow and that he hadn’t understood me…

«What you want to know isn’t about her relationship with me, it seems.»

He replied as if he’d understood everything I wanted to ask. I can’t stand back after coming this far.

It may be a bit reckless of me, but I may get the answer I just had to know.

«Yes, I think perhaps you may be a wicked and filthy human being after all, Ayanokouji-senpai.»

It would be natural for him to get angry. But he listened to me. Not even a twitch of his eyebrows. As if he was trying to read behind my words.

But I’d managed to calm myself at this point.

I told myself that it was way too early for me to hope for results at this point in time. We’d just met after all.

«As far as I can see, you look like a regular human being, Ayanokouji-senpai.»

«So, does that mean you see me as someone who is not?»

«…no. That’s not it.»

I thought I’d come too close so I decided to retreat. Anything I hastily tell him now will only be a demerit to me. I know.

«I’m sorry, please forget I said anything. What’s important now is whether we can reach some understanding and cooperate between our classes.»

I’d expected him to pursue the topic, but he didn’t.

Was it because he’d understood everything I’d wanted to ask? Or is it…

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