Youjitsu V11.5: Shiina Hiyori – By Reading Books

Youjitsu V11.5 SS
– Shiina Hiyori –
By Reading Books

It was at the beginning of the spring vacation. I wore my casual clothes and headed for the Keyaki mall.

«Good day, Ayanokouji-kun»

And there, right in front of me was a student from another class right. I felt this was somewhat unusual as we went to the cafe.

«You are pretty early.»

«There’s no way I can be late since I’m the one inviting after all.

Ayanokouji-kun, who was so intelligent and so mature, was as relaxed as always. I have become fond of him lately for that.

No, perhaps not in the terms of someone of the opposite sex, but it could be said it was him as a person perhaps…

That’s why I end up wanting to meet him like this, whether it was a day off or not. I don’t have much experience going out to play with friends during day offs in the first place.

The main reason is that I haven’t managed to make any close friends, however.

That’s exactly why I don’t want to make them wait for me I think. Thinking that I would trouble him and disappoint him is what I wouldn’t like. Even though I don’t think of him as someone of the opposite sex, I end up doing it in the end. I become happy thinking that I’m the same as other girls experiencing the same thing as well. I wonder what this fluffy feeling I can’t quite define is? I’m looking forward to investigate this during our meeting.

«I am sorry for inviting you so suddenly.»

Even though I contacted him and, somewhat impatiently, said that he would be grateful if we could meet during early April, he didn’t make a troubled face and I even made him change his schedule this sudden.


«I don’t have anything planned during the spring vacation for that matter so don’t worry about it. Well then—»

«The library finally got some new books yesterday.»

I wanted to speak so much that I failed to suppress my excitement and showed him my bag.

«So that’s why I wanted us to share information as fast as possible.»

Before I knew it, we arrived at the cafe but since spring vacation just started, it was crowded.

«There are more people here than I thought.»

We managed to secure a seat by the window and close to the counter so we decided on that spot.

«We don’t get many chances to meet like this during day offs so it feels so fresh to me.»

«You may be right about that.»

It was almost like a boy and a girl having a date together. No, it was precisely that but I will become more embarrassed by this train of thinking so I decided to stop.

«Well, let us begin… Do you want to look at the books I brought with me?»

I tried to conceal my embarrassment by taking out a book I looked forward to show him. But then I remembered there was something I wanted to talk to him about.

My own class. It was just as important as me being his friend. Even if he ends up disliking me, it was something I had to do.

«Right, before we get excited talking about books, there is something I wanted to talk about, could I take some of your time?»

I brought up, looking directly at his eyes. His eyes looked as if he could see through anything, just as always. I felt that a day would come where we would fight against each other in the future. He would most likely be the most dangerous enemy my class will ever face. While looking him in the eyes, I became even more convinced of that.

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