Youjitsu V11: Sakayanagi Arisu (tapestry) – The Morning of Fulfilment

Youjitsu V11 SS
– Sakayanagi Arisu (tapestry) –
The Morning of Fulfilment

I was deep at sleep.

The appearances of myself when I was young, and of him was repeatedly projected within.

A famous museum of that world. Even the exhibition objects made for an artistic spectacle I think. It was that grandeur, that sweet, and that madly affectionable.

In a sense, that was love.

There are many kinds of love.

Love, charity, affection… love-and-hate.

I think, I feel all of those towards him.

«…3 hours and 36 minutes…»

Each time I wake up, I always check how much time I’ve slept. If I don’t sleep for 7-8 hours, I don’t feel refreshed. That was because I was so excited last night that I couldn’t sleep.

The body pillow I use to support my sleep every day didn’t seem to work that much.


I let out a sweet laughter before I knew it.

I have never experienced becoming this excited before so I couldn’t control my feelings.

The more I tried to hold back the laughter, a smile appeared, so naturally, on my face.

I can’t help it.

I was exposed by the contradiction dwelling within myself right now.

A me that would never lose to anyone.

A him that maybe would teach me defeat.

The conflicting feelings were clashing, going back and forth, neither side yielding.

However, there will definitely be a conclusion.

In other words, superiority and inferiority will be decided.

Ah— how beautiful it is.

I hugged my body pillow tightly and a pleasant drowsiness came over me.

I was already napping, wanting to enjoy a passionate dance with him.

That dream of mine was being interrupted by the cold sounds of the ringing sounds from my cellphone.

«Was that Masumi…? She’s also a worrywart, right.»

I know. Let’s continue the rest of my dream later tonight.

After I have settled it with him, made it clear as black and white.

At my leisure.

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