Youjitsu V11: Karuizawa Kei – The first gift

Youjitsu V11 SS
– Karuizawa Kei –
The first gift

There was a little box resting in my hand. It was so light, yet it felt so heavy.

My heart rate was rising like the high tide. It easily surpassed 120 beats per minute.

«So, I’m going to confirm something, fine with you?» I asked.

Trying to conceal my nervousness, I looked at Kiyotaka. But I couldn’t meet his eyes. My gaze flickered around his nose disguising trying to act as if I was looking at him.

I’m confident that I would swoon looking directly in his eyes now.

A birthday plus white day gift from Kiyotaka. 

I neatly unwrapped it so it could be wrapped again later. Then— I opened the cover.

«Wha…What is this!?»

I screamed out my first impression before I knew it.

A heart-shaped necklace shining in gold.

«It’s a necklace.»

«Yeah, even I can see that! A too heavy present, you know!»

I mean, isn’t that almost a confession!?

N-no, I’ve never been confessed to so I can’t be sure.

But, but, I was sure it was a present way surpassing what friends give each other.

I faintly remember that I said he should return the favour many times back, but that was just meant as a little joke.


I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad, that idiot was just looking as if he had no clue.

Even if that was intentional that would mean, well in other words, that right? I imagined an unreal situation, but then chased it in the furthest back on my mind.

«B-but you don’t give a necklace to a friend, you know!» I first have to tell him how strange this present was.

«And, and you know? It doesn’t seem to fit me either! This is heart-shaped, you know!»

It was true I didn’t think it would fit me, but that wasn’t the big issue.

This was the kind of thing that frequently made girls misunderstand, wasn’t it! Come on, really!

«Heart-shaped, you know!»

I thought I perhaps was being confessed to so accept my feelings !

«Fuu, fuu» (TN: Sound of huffing and puffing)

My feelings exploded without me realising it, but… that was probably my fault. He probably bought it since I requested a pricy gift in return. Listening to the full details later, I understood. It was something he, who had never gifted a present to a girl, had earnestly chosen.

In other words— it was his first gift.

Of course I will receive it.

Aah, he got me.

I thought as I was looking at myself, wearing the necklace, in the mirror.

Would a time come when I would wear this and go together with him somewhere? That would definitely be a very enjoyable day.

That I was certain of.

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