Youjitsu V11: Kushida Kikyou – A truly frightening person

Youjitsu V11 SS
– Kushida Kikyou –
A truly frightening person

«Hey, do you have some time?»

I was about to go home when a boy behind me called out. I didn’t even need to turn around, it was that boy again. He was always following that girl around, a really troublesome person.

«What is it, Ayanokouji-kun?»

I made a smile and then slowly returned his gaze. I cannot show any gaps regarding my appearance here in this school corridor, in a public space.

«I see, so you aren’t going to support her this time.»

I was wondering what he was about to say since he ran after me… I felt exasperated inside but still put up my guard.

«Can we talk while walking?»

«That’s fine.»

This boy called Ayanokouji Kiyotaka-kun, his whole existence was like an ungraspable shadow to me.

«Do you have any plans for today?»

«Yes, I’m planning on meeting up with some girls from class B. You think having fun considering what’s happening now is considered bad, don’t you?»

From the first time we met, he was just an unremarkable student. He was somewhat good-looking, but that was it. He wasn’t particularly athletic or smart. Just a normal person.

«No, it’s necessary to take breaks. I think everyone understands that.

But— I was far too naive.

Maybe this boy, possesses something even greater than what I judged him to. Like what he’s doing now, trying to shake me up pointing out my actions one by one.

«So you do understand it, the reason I’m not doing anything right now? I was thinking it was fine to expel you and assisted Yamauchi with it. What face do you think I should make , what act do you think I can put up to lead the class, after everything was brought to light?»

I was being honest, explaining to him why I couldn’t do anything in my situation.

«You don’t seem to accept that do you? I can see it on your face—»

«Well, yeah.»

As could be expected, there was no way he would accept just from this explanation, right?

Even though it should have worked for any other idiot.

«I’ll say it now, it’s not that I don’t want to help Horikita-san because she’s the leader now, okay?»

That’s the worst part of it though…

«Is that true?»

He was doubting me, but no way will I ever acknowledge it.

«Really, it’s true.»

But this boy didn’t change his expression.

«Ah, I doubt it.»

«How do I look like to you, I wonder? How about it?»

I wasn’t particularly interested, but he caught my attention.

I want to know what this boy is thinking, what he is feeling.

If I not— I won’t be able to remove that girl.

That’s why it was inevitable for me to, just barely, show a little bit of my inner self, to him.

If I don’t…. I don’t think I can ever win.

Surely, this boy must be—— a frightening person.

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