Youjitsu V11: Horikita Suzune – An Encouragement of Adventure

Youjitsu Vol 11
- Horikita Suzune –
An Encouragement of Adventure

This is what happened on a certain holiday. 

A few students gathered in my room. 

"VR experience?" 

"Yes! VR experience." 

Sotomura and Ike showed a cheerful smile, holding something that looks like a helmet. It seems to be the latest game; when you put on this thing to play, you can experience the game in a virtual space. 

"It seems like 4 people will play as a team so I want to try." 

That's why there are four devices. 

"Then why did you look for me and Ayanokōji-kun?" 

"If we let Ken play, he will become obsessed and will always want to keep it for himself. If it's you then it won't be like that." 

Horikita looked completely uninterested, but I was a little bit interested in playing. 

Men are creatures driven by adventurous spirit, aren't they? 

"We were called out during our free time because of this boring thing?" 

Horikita stood up, staring at Ike. 

"I'm not going to take part." 

"Wait! This is a game that recommends 4 people, so ah... just play for a while, please!" 

"I'm not interested in things such as games." 

"Please think about it again!" 

The two guys seemed to be repeatedly begging on the ground in prostration. 

"How about just listening to them? This could also be for the class." 

Trivial interactions like these can also make progress in interpersonal relationships. 

"...... Good grief. Only for a while, right? Then I'll head back after." 

Like this, Horikita eventually accepted it. She reluctantly put on the device. Sotomura and Ike followed right after. 

"There are 12 occupations at the beginning. Choose according to your own preferences. Ah, don't choose the same as the others. I choose the Paladin! It looks very handsome!" 

Ike was a Paladin, while Sotomura chose the Elf. From the description, it appears to be a character in defense and recovery. The importance of the defense is not yet clear. 

Horikita simply selected the Swordsman, which is the first option, while I picked a job called the Summoner. 

After the career selection was over, I felt my consciousness instantly slipped away and my vision is covered with white light, then the sight of the imaginary world came into view. 

I have been introduced to mobile games soon after entering school, but compared to those, the quality of this game is not just in the same dimension. 

"This is really...... very amazing." 

It's no surprise that Horikita couldn't help but gasped. 

Despite being imaginary, the realism of it is not far away from an actual world. 

There was a smell of trees coming from elsewhere. 

I tried to pinch my arm, but there was not really any pain, just only a tiny feeling. This is probably necessary in order to stay connected with reality. 

I could confirm that my body, except for the appearance of different clothing, seemed no different. 

"It's like the real world." 

Horikita said something similar to what I was thinking. 

She tried to pull out the sword she was wearing on her waist. 

"But I haven't touched this thing once, huh?" 

"It seems there is a technical correction, and you can't become stronger without accumulating EXP." 

"Even if you say so,——" 

Horikita wielded the sword several times with awe and then sheathed it. 

"Oh! That's fast! The beginner tutorial is here!" 

Ike wielded his shield and sword excitedly, although he was still not used to the movements. 

Two wolf-shaped monsters appeared in front of us. 

"Are you going to fight this thing?" 

"Horikita, you need to fight too. Please, swordsman!" 

Ike then put up his shield. 

"Wouldn't there be all sort of ethical issues? Like killing animals?" 

"It's just a game..." 

The monsters pounced on us in an instant. 

"Hey! Woah!! Why are you attacking me first! Is there any passive skill that attracts monsters??" 

Ike said something that people normally couldn't really understand, and was sent flying back to the ground by the wolves. 

"Hurts, it hurts, it's numb and painful! Help me!" 

Sotomura hurriedly chant a recovery spell, but it had very little effect. 

"Hori...... Horikita and Ayanokōji! Help! Help me!" 

Ike desperately asked us for help. But I had no idea what to do. Speaking of my character, what exactly does a summoner do? There seems to be no swords or shields, so I'm not clear how to fight at all. 

"I'm leaving it to you, Horikita." 

"Me? ....... I'm not doing it. 

The swordsman gave up the battle. Or rather, let's say she did not have the spirit to do it in the first place... 


Ike yelled continuously, then Sotomura also screamed. 

In a short time their bodies were destroyed and turned into dust. 

"What happened?" 

"It's probably... being sent somewhere after getting killed? 


The two wolves gradually approached us, who were still struggling to understand the situation. 

They were clearly showing their murderous intent to hunt us. 

"In short, it can only be fighting..." 

I don't know how a summoner fights, so I simply shortened the distance to give one of the wolves a physical blow. 

After being punched, the wolf screamed and was sent flying. 

There was a clear feeling on my fist, with a sense of excitement and stimulation. 

As I avoided the wolf's sharp teeth, I repeated the punches again. 

However, unlike in reality, it doesn't seem to do a lot of damage 

This occupation is definitely not a melee type. 

I couldn't completely avoid the wolf's counter-attack and received a little bit of damage. 

An electrical pain, making zapping sounds, ran through my body 

"Not good..." 

The situation is obviously unfavorable. Am I going to get killed like Ike if this goes on? 

"—I guess it can't be helped then." 

Horikita sighed while holding up the sword. 

Her stance looked unexpectedly well. 


Horikita shortened the distance, slashed horizontally, and hit the wolf-shaped monster. Does she have a feel for it? She did wipe out the monster with just a stream of movements. It seems that this game is directly related to physical ability in reality. The other wolf, which was licking its teeth at me, turned to Horikita. 

It released a murderous intent even stronger than before, probably because its companion had been down. 

Horikita, looking as though she's already a swordmaster, put up a flawless stance. 

At the same time as the wolf started charging, she also ran up while keeping her distance from it. 


Horikita shouted out the name of the skill, cutting the wolf apart in a single slash. 


I clapped my hands and while I stood up, Horikita let out a breath. 

"The body moved on its own. I was made to say something weird involuntarily." 

It is probably due to the necessary procedure in the game’s programming beforehand to launch the unique kill. 

"So how was it? The first RPG experience of your life." 

"Well... maybe it’s more interesting than I thought." 

Horikita seemed to also be interested in the unknown adventure. 

Maybe this game will be popular among us for the time being. 

"What about Ike-kun and Sotomura-kun?" 

"Who knows......" 

With this, our wonderful adventure story was born.

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