Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: Ibuki Mio SS – No Reason to It

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: 
Ibuki Mio SS
– No Reason to It –

It was on the 10th day of the uninhabited island exam

This morning, I went to the other tent nearby.

I confirmed that the owner was away before reaching for the backpack inside.

I’m not trying to steal anything. I just want to confirm something.

And I have to look at what’s inside to do so.

But I don’t really want to look. It was a contradiction.

I grabbed the backpack with some hesitation.

«It’s lighter than I expected…»

Seeing how light it was made me even more confident and I checked the content without any lingering feelings.

Clothing, stuff for personal hygiene, food——and a single 500ml bottle of water.

«I knew it.»

As my doubt grew into conviction, the owner of the backpack came back, Ayanokouji.

«What are you doing?»


His sudden call startled me so much I think I jumped from the ground.

«Did you look at my tablet? Or is there something else you wanted?»

«‘Course not! I just wanted to… to check if it really was fair, just that.»

I don’t want to be mistaken for a thief so I left the backpack.

Anyway, now that I’ve confirmed it, I need to ask him this directly.

«There’s just a single bottle of drinking water left in your backpack. How the hell is that you having plenty of it, huh?»

This guy wanted to make a fair trade with me yesterday.

He wanted to hand over 2 bottles of water for just some rations.

I lost my cool and couldn’t think then since I wanted water so badly, and he led me into it….

He lied to me.

He never had plenty of water and helped me since I was dehydrated.

«You wanted me to owe you, right? That’s why you helped me?»

If so, that’s way too naive of him. I need to make him realise that.

Or so I thought…

«If you haven’t checked my backpack, you would never have known though.»


Obviously. If I never went to confirm it, I wouldn’t have known that he was lacking water too.

«In other words, it was supposed to be a fair trade no matter what the truth may be.»

So that’s why I should just spit out a honest ‘Thank you’? I’ll never do that even if someone forced my mouth open.

Like hell I want to.

«I don’t think I can accept that… alright. You get nothing in return then.»

Fine with you? I asked just in case.

«Would you even give me anything even if you owed me something?»

«No way.»

I answered in a blink, no thoughts needed.

There is no reason to it.

Why, I just hate this guy.

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