Youjitsu 2nd Year V4 KADOKAWA EXPO: Karuizawa Kei – Trial Date

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4 KADOKAWA EXPO
Karuizawa Kei SS
– Trial Date –

This is a story from just before the second year island survival exam. I, Karuizawa Kei am walking towards Keyaki Mall after school. Keyaki mall is extremely popular with students after school. There are many things to do in Keyaki mall, people come to hang with friends, or to buy things, or get their hair done. Or perhaps, a date with their lover.

Anyway, since no one is allowed to leave the school premises, Keyaki mall is something that we students cannot do without. By the way, I often come here with my friends to hang out. 

But— today I am here alone.

It’s not that I have anything in particular that I want to buy.

But there is something that I want to do though.

«Fuuu, I’m a bit nervous.»

I mumble those words as I head towards the mall by the north entrance.

Almost 1 hour has passed since classes have ended and there are already a fairly large amount of students in the mall. 

«Right right, it should be all right with this many people here.»

As I look around, I continue walking slightly relieved.

First things first, I head to the general store as planned. The store itself is fairly small but there appears to be about 4 girls inside enjoying themselves while looking around.

Now then.

I wander around the store as I hold my phone. In no time at all I receive a message. It is the signal that all the preparations were complete.

I continue walking around looking at the items for sale as I try to contain the grin forming on my face.

Since new items are released every week, it’s rare to get bored. I especially love the cute accessories. However, I’ve been buying so many recently that all the straps on my phone are now heavier than my phone itself. I have to resist today.

Resist…. Resist…  I don’t think I’ll be able to!


One of the newly arrived straps is so cute.

A strap with an image of cat on a little ribbon.

I send an image of the strap using my phone. As I mumble to myself I slowly move around the store.

Oh so you like these kind of things? 

I smile as I receive the reply.


I reply. 

A little. 

Is the reply I receive.

My heart will probably skip a beat if I got this from my boyfriend♡

I was thinking about sending such a reply but it’s too embarrassing so I ended up deleting it.

As expected of today’s trial. But I don’t have the courage for that just yet.

I get excited as I receive a picture sent from the other person but when I see it….

I thought you would like something like this instead. 

It is a picture of a strap illustrated with skulls and crosses. 

No way no way, your sense is really horrible. Only middle school boys would use something like that. 

This time my reply is a little mean spirited. Oh well, it’s important that not everything said is just sweet words.

Perhaps now is a good time to tell you what the point of today was. 

The truth is, as I wander around the store by myself, there is someone else following a different route but walking with me. I don’t think an explanation is needed at this point but…. That person is my boyfriend Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. He is super cool, smart, and athletic.

“Maybe I’m praising him too much…” I correct myself.

I mean it would be a stretch to say his skills regarding human relationships are good. 

Ahem, anyway this is a way to for us to have a trial date. We both set different places to meet up , and decided to browse the shop using different routes. 

If other people heard this, they would probably think what’s with that? Most definitely.

However, since the fact that we are dating is a secret, this is a trial to see how enjoyable a date is.

Mahh…. The fact that I am dating Kiyotaka will probably be revealed some time , but for now it’s okay.

What are you going to do now?

Can I look around a little more?

After exchanging these few messages, I continue wandering around the store.

Yup looks like no one has noticed.

I mean that’s obvious since at the most we look like two people who came to the store separately and are looking at different things. Of course, being near each other makes me happy, but at the same time, I ended up thinking about how I want to talk to him directly as expected. 

I think that being able to speak to each other, to see each other’s eyes and have our hands touch, that’s the real joy of being on a date.

After leaving the general store, I head to the super market then the bookstore, going from place to place, item to item as I pass the time.

The date was enjoyable but also ended up feeling a little lonely.

I don’t think the trial was a failure but, these mixed emotions….

I guess after all, I really want to go on a proper date with Kiyotaka as soon as possible.

Yup, that’s what I am thinking of once more.

Then —-

On that day around 7 in the evening. 

As I am watching the TV, a knock on my door causes me to get up. 


Not the door bell but a light knock. 

I wonder who it is, but I can’t even hear a voice. 

I open the front door as I think that it is a little strange…

On the floor in the corridor is a small paper bag with pink patterns on it. I don’t see anyone as I look and right. 

As I continue thinking how strange it is, I pick up the bag and enter my room. 

This is for me right?

Before opening it, I feel it’s contents from the outside.

«Hmm could this be….»

With something in mind, I open the bag…

Inside is a strap with an image of cat on a little ribbon.

Looking at it, I let out a laugh without thinking.

“He really is a simple when it comes to these kinds of things.” 

If he thinks doing these kinds of things will make him popular, well he is mistaken.

I remove all the straps from my phone and attach the little cat, with a smile.

“Something like this isn’t nearly enough for me to be satisfied okay.”

For the rest of the day I pass the time gazing at the strap.  

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