Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: Ichinose Honami SS – Something I Have to Tell You

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: 
Ichinose Honami SS
– Something I Have to Tell You –

I should have known the last day of this special exam would be important. 

As soon as it morning came I left my group and began running inside the forest.

I wonder how long I have been running?

I couldn’t endure it anymore and ended up using the GPS search this morning.

If Ayanokouji-kun is somewhere near I2 today…

Please let him be somewhere in the south, I wished and looked at the results.

But he was in the northern part of the island.

My intuition told me he was heading for I2 today, on the last day.

The conversation I overheard before still lingered in my ears and I couldn’t stop myself anymore.

«Haa, haa….! Haa, Haa….!»

My breath had become ragged and I soon fell down on my knees.

I’ve been running single-mindedly and desperately so far and I’m now at my limit…

No, I’m already way past that stage I believe. 

I want to meet him. I have to meet him and tell him.

It was the only thing supporting my two legs as I ran.

I just want to lie down on the ground and fall asleep.

I can’t keep these sensation from slowly taking over me.

I can feel my exhaustion slowly disappear as I closed my eyes and throw myself into the darkness.

«No…. I can’t….»

My fingertips moved and I grasp the earth. 

I get sand stuck under my fingernails and I awaken from the discomforting sensation. 

I can’t stand anymore. 

But I can’t allow myself to fall asleep here.

I’d left my precious classmates behind.

You can even say I’ve betrayed them to come this far.

For what? I ask myself.

But even then I can’t find a clear answer.

Do I want to save Ayanokouji-kun?

What does it mean to save someone?

Can someone like me even do that?

Even though I don’t know what’s happening. Even though I don’t know anything?

‘Please be careful’, is it even that important to say?

I now realise my actions have no substance to them.

So why am I covered in sweat, so tired as I run for my life?

It’s a never-ending Q&A.

And then— on the other side of the river,

I find Ayanokouji-kun heading towards I2.

No matter how much I try to raise my voice, nothing comes out.

Exhaustion, surprise or impatience. My voice is blocked by a torrent of feelings.

And despite that, even though I didn’t manage to calm down, I yell out.


The words I manage to squeeze out reached the other side.

«I….I came to meet you!»

Yes. I ran this far for that purpose.

«I’ll be right there!»

Even though I shouldn’t be able to run, no…

Even though I shouldn’t be able to walk anymore.

My feet somehow managed to take a step forward. 

I just want to meet you.

It is the only thing supporting me now.

—There’s something I have to tell you.

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