Youjitsu 2nd Year V2: Horikita Suzune SS – He Who Stands Beside Me

Youjitsu 2nd Year V2: 
– Horikita Suzune SS –
He Who Stands Beside Me

«You wish to join the student council?»

When I told him I wanted to join the council, president Nagumo looked surprised at me.

«I wonder, what in the world happened to you for this to happen? I’ll honestly say I somehow don’t want to say yes.»

«So that means you won’t accept me then?»

«That’s not it. I’m just taking the stance of not rejecting anyone who comes to me. If there are any free positions or it’s possible to enter, I’ll let anyone in. I’m also not interested in their motives. Whether it’s for the OAA’s sake, future job prospects or sense of justice, it’s all up to you. But, you are different, Horikita Suzune. I have to insist on a condition for you.»

As Horikita Manabu’s sister, it seems it was necessary for me to complete some kind of task.

«What is that condition?»

I prepare myself to receive it and ask him.

«Tell me the reason why you, at this point in time, want to join the student council.»

It wasn’t something I had imagined, but I can’t refuse still.

Even if I made some stupid lie here, he surely won’t be surprised.

That being said, I can’t mention it was related to Ayanokouji-kun either.

«I had a discord with my brother. And I enrolled into this school to make peace. But ever since I entered, my relationship with my brother never changed. He never would have accepted someone like me who actually never showed any signs of growth. I spent a whole year without being able to have a properly talk with with until the very last moments.»

I answered, feeling my heart beating faster.

And he who listened close by didn’t say anything either.

If it all ended without me able to enter the council, he would surely be disappointed.

I want to avoid that at all costs.

Disappointed? I? Did I want to avoid disappointing him?

My heart was rocked by this feeling I hadn’t realised.

How was he seeing me right now? 

I was a bit interested in that.

The fact he wasn’t a normal student was something I knew even before he got that perfect score in maths.

President Nagumo who was speaking in front of me and acknowledged by my brother is certainly an amazing student, no doubt about that… but if compared to Ayanokouji-kun that impressions strangely changes everything.

There was no doubt I unconsciously valued him highly, though.

While a part of me wanted to learn of his true abilities, I realised there was another one who wanted something else. 

I wanted him to acknowledge me, that is.

Maybe one of the reasons I went to join the council with a positive attitude was because of that?

…That wasn’t my intention. 

I waved away these odd thoughts I had. I had to focus on the things I had to do first.

I had to enter the student council and confirm President Nagumo’s movements.

That was a crucial task.

I took the reins of the feelings that started deviating, and waved away these idle thoughts I had.

«There are no other student council members from the 2nd grade aside for Honami right now so we’ve been troubled by that. Welcome to the Student Council. I’ll have you work hard as a council member from today, Suzune.»

I took his left hand he held out towards me.

«Of course.»

It would never be an amicable relationship.

But, there was certainly things I could learn from him who stood beside my brother.

I will take that experience and once again grow.

By doing so, Ayanokouji-kun will surely acknowledge me.

By that time… we definitely will be right on the doorsteps to Class A.

That was a premonition I couldn’t shake away.

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