Youjitsu 2nd Year V2: Shiina Hiyori SS – An excuse

Youjitsu 2nd Year V2:
– Shiina Hiyori SS –
An excuse

Me and Albert-kun were waiting quietly on standby right around the corner. 

We could hear the voices from the energetic Ishizaki-kun and the calm Ayanokouji-kun from a slight distance.

To create the small group for the special exam which was scheduled to be held on an uninhabited island.

Our first choice of student to invite wasn’t Sakayanagi-san, Ichinose-san or even Horikita-san. I and Ishizaki-kun both shared this sentiment. 

Ishizaki-kun’s idea to call out to Ayanokouji and invite him before anyone could was probably right.

Before long, we appeared before Ayanokouji-kun who showed a surprised look at the sight of Albert-kun.

«Good day, Ayanokouji-kun.»

«That’s quite an unusual mix of members you have there.»

«Maybe so.»

Us three usually didn’t move together as a group so Ayanokouji had all the right to think it was strange.

«This isn’t quite the place this, let’s move!»

«Move? To where?»

«Hmm, let’s see… I haven’t really thought of that!»

It was a rushed plan so it was no wonder Ishizaki-kun hadn’t planned anything after this.

I could easily have said something to him, but I decided to not advise him on anything.

«I have a really bad feeling about this so, can I leave now?»

He probably sensed the danger in front of him so he asked if he could go back.

«What’s sup with that, aren’t you free right now? We won’t let you go!»

Our breaths in sync, I and Albert-kun went behind Ayanokouji-kun.

«You won’t let me leave… what?»

«I am sorry Ayanokouji-kun! But we can’t let you leave!»

Albert has holding his flank in a tight grip.

And I secured his other arm to prevent him from escaping.


He didn’t expect us to use force so it was no wonder he looked so confused.

But the truth is, even if we invited him with forceful means, I already predicted it would be futile.

He was probably going to join one of the groups made up only by class D students, or he would go solo.

In either case, a person who was likely to be the key to their victory wouldn’t be able to join any other classes that easily.

But even so, I chose to encourage Ishizaki-kun’s plan and accompany him with it.

«We are attracting to much attention here so let’s move on Ishizaki-kun.»

If you want to know why, I only wanted to…

Yes, I only wanted… to meet Ayanokouji-kun.

I decided to cooperate since I wanted an excuse.

I put slightly more force into my embrace.

I was looking forward to the time we would spend together, even for just a second longer—

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