Youjitsu 2nd Year V2: Amasawa Ichika SS – What is Reflected in Her Eyes

Youjitsu 2nd Year V2:
– Amasawa Ichika SS – 
What is Reflected in Her Eyes

I was wearing my favourite clothing that day while humming a song.

«Will he think I’m cute?»

I’ve been keeping an eye on Karuizawa Kei from Class 2-D for almost 2 weeks.

She’s been going to the café, the karaoke, all over the Keyaki mall really.

Her playmates were the girls from her class, so that time was a waste to me.

Thanks to me overcoming this hardship and hanging on until the very end, finally, this day has come.

Karuizawa was returning straight to the 2nd year dorm today, a bit unusual. 

As if it was intuition, I rushed out to the lobby on the first floor and watched her as she went inside her own room. 

After waiting for a bit, I took the elevator and arrived a the floor where her room was.

And while I was waiting for her to come out, I stood on standby close to the emergency stairs while holding my breath.

One hour after the school ended, she appeared in the corridor wearing her school uniform.

Looks like she’s ready for her secret date.

My heart was dancing as I confirmed she went to the Ayanokouji-senpai’s floor. I quickly left the 2nd year dorm and returned to my own room.

«Hmm, perfect!»

It was done in a really bothersome order, but now I can change into some cute clothes!

It’d be a waste if I’m not cute enough.

«Ah, yes yes! Can’t forget this.»

I slipped a small, amorous box I’d bought at the convenience store earlier into my pocket.

After finishing changing my clothes, I quickly left the first year dorm.

I wanted so much to go straight to the 2nd year dorm, but I headed towards the Keyaki mall first.

I then quickly threw whatever food ingredients in the shopping cart.

I wasn’t particular with the ingredients I chose.

I picked up vegetables, fresh meat products, things that spoiled easily in general and went to pay.

Then, I once again headed towards the 2nd year dorm.

Luckily, it was at that time Nomura Shuuji also returned so I followed him from behind and got past the auto lock.

I used the emergency stairs and headed for room 401 where Ayanokouji-senpai and Karuizawa were.

My heart was beating fast and I tried to calm myself until I reached the door of his room.

I assumed I would be seen through the peephole on the door so I hid the bag with the fresh ingredients in a dead corner.

Okay! All preparations are done!

I rang the door chime and began the visit without prior notice.

After a lingering silence, I felt senpai through the door.


I called out to him in a sweet voice. He must be watching me at this moment.

His sight must have been anchored to the sight my cute appearance reflected in that little lens.

But that wasn’t enough.

I had to make him know me even more.

For that reason, I have to make him invite me into the room using whatever means.

It’s alright. I can predict all the ways he will try to reject me.

Two arrows, three arrows. No matter how many fire, he will lose the means to fight back.

To get close to a strong opponent, it was necessary to pierce at their weaknesses.

I will thoroughly aim at his few weaknesses.

As I saw the door slowly being opened, I made a big smile.

«It’s me!»

I wonder what face he will welcome me with… I’m looking so forward to that.

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