Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: Shiina Hiyori SS – Beneath A Scarlet Sky

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: 

Shiina Hiyori SS 

– Beneath A Scarlet Sky –

«Whoa!! We’re finally here!!»

Ishizaki-kun looked at the sea and yelled out after today’s long trek.

«You’re way too loud Ishizaki, be quiet.»

His voice was probably reverberating inside Nishino-san’s ears as she went out to stop him.

«There’s no harm in it right? I’m just yelling after all~ Uoooh! We’re hereeeeeeee!»

«Didn’t you hear me!»

Nishino-san went out to punch Ishizaki-kun since he continued his yelling.

But not even pain could stop him from yelling as he continued his lively act. 

Seeing this brought a smile to my face.

I think they make a surprisingly good pair.

I suddenly heard footsteps behind me.

Was it another group whose designated area was the same as us?

I turned around and the person there was—

«Ara? Is that you Ayanokouji-kun?»

I asked before even my mind caught up to reality.

«You look livelier than I expected.»

He closed the distance with the same attitude as always.

«They’ve done their best and we’ve managed to increase our group size to 6.»

Ayanokouji-kun looked at Ishizaki-kun, seemingly satisfied with that explanation.

«Was that your plan all along? To group up with him?»

«Yes. I had several groups in mind and his group was one of them.»

Although I just planned it in order to support Ishizaki-kun’s group which wasn’t doing it, it went much better than I expected, and the points we got increased even further afterwards.

«You look in good health as always, Ayanokouji-kun.»

He wasn’t a person who would strain himself, but this is an exam where nothing is certain.

«Yeah, for now at least.»

«I don’t think I need to worry about you, but please be careful. Just one injury can get you expelled after all.»

«I know.»

Going in solo means you can’t guard yourself from the unexpected.

Even if I wanted to help him, my group is already at its maximum capacity.

«There’s just 3 days left, right?»

I just hope he will be okay until then.


I looked at his face as it was bathed in the light of the sunset and started thinking.

Him retiring would be better for my own class.

I know it’s that simple, but I can’t continue these thoughts.

No, I believe I just want to avoid thinking about it.

To me, Ayanokouji-kun is a good reading partner. A good friend.

And… how do I say this?

He has a mysterious charm. He is someone I can’t take my eyes off from.

He makes me want to spend more time with him. As much as possible.

If only we didn’t have to fight, if only we were in the same class, 

then this school life would become painted in even more lovely colours.

If only these gentle moments could have lasted forever——

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