Youjitsu V1: Horikita Suzune SS – A certain morning in the swimming pool

COTE Volume 1
– Horikita Suzune SS –
A certain morning in the swimming pool

Something that happened a certain morning. I heard a deep sigh. 

“hah – swim…”

Almost all boys were ecstatic, but only Hondo was dispirited. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Eh? No, nothing…” 

Hondo looked as if he was worried about something. 

“Speaking of which, You’ve always been looking. Don’t tell me, you can’t swim?” 

It’s not like I’m an expert, I have an ordinary level. It’s only that, you see, there are a lot of things, if I swam.” 

I didn’t understand anything about what Hondo wanted to say. 

“I’m not enthusiastic about it. This swimming thing is really boring.” 

Hondo had returned to his seat very early. 

“What’s wrong with that guy?” 

Ike tilted his head, not understanding him. 

“Ah –so it’s that. So it’s that thing.” 

Sudo seemed to have understood Hondo’s train of thought and broke into laughter. 

“What’s up?” 

“There were also students like Hondo in middle school. He must be worried about that, the size of his lower parts.” 


Sudo’s answer was really unexpected. 

“It can’t be, right?” 

“No, those who adopt that attitude are most likely because of that. If it was because of other reasons, his belly will be exposed or he has thick body hair. Does Hondo meet any of these two criteria?” 

Indeed, Hondo has a very average body that you can find everywhere. 

“Men determine the winner by the size of the lower part. Normally, that part tend to be very big in guys who are ordinarily unrestrained. This is like the thumbnail of yourself for the society. If the lower part of a healthy youngster is small, his evaluation will also suffer changes, isn't that so?” 

“Pfhahahahaha! That guy, so his lower parts are small!” 

Ike seemed to have understood Hondo’s train of thought and laughed heartily. Ah – what an annoying society. 

“That guy must be lazing around, look closely” 

Sudo said that with a smiling face full of confidently. 

Then the swimming class started. Today, Ike and Yamauchi were also excited about the girls’ swimsuits. 

Sudo looked at the Hondo he though was lazing around, while smiling. 

It’s because of people like you that even competition swimsuits have been vetoed by the adults, and there is a trend of guys and girls wearing swimsuits with less and less exposure, isn’t it? 

“Hey, what’s Sudo laughing about, is there something funny?” 

Kushida, who had finished changing her clothes, showed a face incapable to understand and asked me. As always, I didn’t know where I should place my line of sight. 

“There’s a trivial matter” 

“What do you mean by trivial matter?” 

Stop, being gazed so cutely is also disturbing. Girl’s swimsuits are extraordinarily erotic, I will get excited, you know? 

If I said those words, I reckon Kushida would never talk to me again. 

“Let’s swim! There are a lot of guys resting.” 

Being vague, I said that while watching those who were just looking around. Kushida also looked around with me with an expression that implied agreement, to the students that were on the second floor. 

“Girls have a variety of circumstances, but guys also have a lot too. Don’t you they it? Swimming.” 

There are guys who merely dislike it, and there are guys who are not good at it.” 

“Although not being good at it, if they gave up at the beginning because of these circumstances, they would never be able to overcome it no matter how long.” 

Speaking like a teacher, Horikita has come. Well, the appearance of the swimsuits is really too bright. 

In order to not look as if I was excessively looking that, I moved away my gaze without leaving any trace. 

“I actually think that we should let them be. The worth of swimming, how should I put it? There are no daily complications for those who don’t know how to swim. For those who live in the cities, the necessity of swimming is completely non-existent, isn’t it?” 

“What if there’s an accident? If there’s an earthquake, there will also be a tsunami. In order to raise the survival rate by 1%, there’s nothing that can’t be better than having learned to swim beforehand.” 

Naturally, it’s impossible to deny this survival question once you have come up with this 1% word. 

“Ahaha, the relationship between you two continues to be as good as always.” 

“Not in the slightest.” 

Horikita neither affirm nor deny. She just hates talking to Kushida. 

“Kushida-chan---! Let’s do our best together too!” 

Ike came jumping when he realized the existence of Kushida. 

His mouth said chatting, but in his mind he was thinking about branding the image of Kushida’s swimsuit into his retina” 

Kushida laughed and started chatting with Ike, not realizing in the slightest his perverted thoughts. 

“That’s right, what is he laughing about?” 


Horikita looked at Sudo, who was ridiculing Hondo. 

“Ah ---No. there are various sorts and varieties. Men also have men’s worries.” 

“I don’t quite understand” 

“Let’s make an analogy. There are women that have complicated feelings about the size of their bust, right?” 

She looked at me astonished as if she was saying “what are you talking about all of a sudden?”. Being looked like this felt like a torture. 

“In other words, men also have similar worries. Please try to empathize in the future.” 

If I were to put it in more concrete words, there’s no doubt that this is sexual harassment. It was hard to say whether I would be beaten by Horikita. 

“…so it’s like that. So senseless “ 

“Your ability to grasp ideas is really good” 

“After hearing your dirty words, although unwillingly, it was enough to imagine.” 

“If I was requested to explain that, I will just merely say the facts. Don’t treat me like the bad guy.” 

“Hey, Ayanokouji-kun. Is Ike okay? 

Kushida, who was talking to Ike, had already approached us when we realized her. About Ike, he was crouching while pressing his belly. 

“He looks like he has stomachache.” 

Kushida looked worriedly at him in the distance. 

Ike, being the target of the worry, was indeed pressing his stomach, but he didn’t look like he was hurting. 

In other words, that must be that he gazed too much at Kushida and now he was paying the price. 

That guy will never learn, he was always living following his instincts. 

Horikita looked at Ike with an unforgiving gaze full of contempt. 

Ah –youth. 

I thought this even though I did not do anything

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