Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: Kiryuuin Fuuka SS – Poker Face

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4: 

Kiryuuin Fuuka SS 

– Poker Face –

After arriving at my designated area, I get 1 point from the Arrival Bonus.

Without realising it, my name had appeared on the top 10 due to the points I slowly managed to collect.

«To think Kuronaga’s group has kept the their 10th place all this time. He’s way too devoted to Nagumo.»

Seeing the points of Nagumo’s group which always competed for the top spot, makes me disconcerted.

«What a boring man he is, that Nagumo.»

As someone who likes being alone, I can never come to like his way of fighting although I can acknowledge he has some slivers of strength.

It may seem like he’s doing a full confrontation, but behind that facade you can see his desire to toy with his opponents.

It seems I can’t become interested in a finished product after all.

In that sense, the person worth paying attention to is Kouenji Rokusuke perhaps.

«It would be a lie to say I wasn’t interested in him but——»

As I was gazing at the scenery of this uninhabited island, I happened to see a certain student.

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. His abilities are unknown, but it’s true he looked like an interesting one.

«You’re pretty late Ayanokouji.»

I already knew he had places in the same group as I based on the GPS search function.

«That seems to be the case.»

Despite our sudden meeting, he wasn’t surprised in the least.

Maybe he did a search previously and was made aware we shared the same table already?

«I believe I had another strong rival competing for the Arrival Bonus. So that was you?»

I tried to pry a bit.

«I wonder about that. Even groups from another table may end up at the same place after all. More importantly, didn’t you say you weren’t interested in the top 10?»

He avoided my light prod and moved the conversation topic towards me.

«This uninhabited island exam has been surprisingly fun so far so I have to say my tension has been running high despite my age.»

Let’s not press him too far now.

Chasing them too far doesn’t always become more fun.

«I plan on continuing at this pace.»

«You won’t aim for the top spot?»

«I will after everyone else has fought for the podium and  between themselves. I also want to play along, right?. But if both Nagumo and Kouenji are taking each other out, then that may change everything.»

«I see, Taking each other out. Doesn’t seem like that will happen as of now.»

How much does he know, I wonder?

How admirable, being able to make a poker face up until now must be a talent in itself that is.

«You think Nagumo will leave Kouenji alone at this rate?»

I prodded hoping his poker face would crumble for just a bit.

«In terms of resisting with force, I can’t say it’s certain it will result in Nagumo’s victory. He has probably only observed until now, but it won’t be long before he will make his move. What I want to say is, it’s highly possible we may see Nagumo vs Kouenji before soon. Depending on how it goes, we may witness a situation where one or both of them will struggle with points.»

I neatly explained and he nodded as he understood it all.

«Pulling the rug out from under someone is also important after all.»

I can generally see whether someone is capable or not by speaking to someone once or twice.

«And you won’t aim for the top as well?»

I’ll just ask this once before we leave since I wanted to look at his reactions.

«Unfortunately for me I can’t imagine myself in the top 10 at all.»

«I see, I thought you’d have about the same points as me at least.»

He won’t show me anything here I concluded.

I’ll leave my rating of him for later.

The time until my graduation may have become something I’m looking forward to due to him and Kouenji.

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