Kushida Kikyō SS – Like Hell I’d Join

Youjitsu 2nd Year V9 SS
– Kushida Kikyō –
Like Hell I’d Join

I thought I had just been called out to the hallway, but she wanted me to join the student council?

And to top it off, with Horikita as the student council president, I’d be working under her? Don’t joke with me.

No matter what merits were present, I couldn’t accept.

Just as I was about to firmly turn her down, I felt a weird presence behind my back.

“Well, it’s settled. If you join the student council, Kushida-senpai, even if there are people who dislike you, they won't be able to get their hands on you~”

The one who was clinging to me was the first-year Amasawa.

She was one of the people I hated so much to the point of wanting to murder her. She was the last person I wanted to be around in that instance.

Horikita also considered Amasawa as an obstacle to this meeting and was trying to get rid of her.

“It wasn’t anyone in particular. If I had to choose, I'd say Kushida-senpai.”

“Me? O-Oh, I see. What kind of business is it?”

“Huh? What could it be~? What do you think I want?”

This woman. She absolutely came out here just to mess with me. I seriously want to murder her.

But since I couldn’t take any action at this point, I had to endure this with a calm mind.

Besides, Ayanokōji-kun was here.

No no, it didn’t matter if he was here or not…

I felt an incomprehensible emotion for an instant, so I pushed it down and forced it away.

While Amasawa continued to participate in the conversation, I continued thinking of a way to get out of this.

“I'm sorry, I can't live up to your expectations. The student council isn’t for me...”

“Why don't you just join the student council instead of saying that?”

Again, Amasawa interfered by saying such a thing.

Furthermore, she clung to me, touched my body without permission, and got further carried away.

She even touched my cheeks, but, knowing there were other people there, I had to keep smiling.

“Kushida-senpai is kinda pretty, has a kinda nice figure, and is kinda smart, right?”

I couldn’t do this anymore, I was at my limit.

“Hey, you know... If we're going to keep talking, can we change the location, please?”

If we didn’t change locations, it might’ve resulted in me ending Amasawa’s life immediately.

After my desperate plea, Horikita seemed to understand and agreed.

Oh my god, why do I have to spend my time around people I hate?


I absolutely won't join the student council.


Let’s just get this over with so I can go home, I vowed that to myself while I continued building up stress.

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