Youjitsu V2: Sakura Airi – My own place

Youjitsu V2 SS
– Sakura Airi –
My own place

Chabashira-sensei, Class D’s homeroom teacher, concluded the class meeting and declared the end of the classes. 

Glancing at the students who were talking about how to spend the time after school, I quietly walked out of the classroom. 

Whether it’s attending school or during weekends, my job always starts at 4 o’clock. 

Grabbing my partner with one hand –my digital camera, I prepared to start taking photos and after that, uploading them to my homepage. 

This is my daily assignment. 

“How should I take the photos today?” 

I have to avoid repeating compositions while I update my selfies to the homepage every day, but I can’t leave the school grounds, so it’s very difficult. 

Even so, Koudou Ikusei Advanced High School’s campus environments are really abundant. 

In the campus there are a shopping center and a cinema, in the gym there is a swimming pool, there are sufficient facilities, so choosing a different place isn’t challenging. 

…this should’ve been the case, but I could be seen in those places. 

Because in order to avoid those situations, I’ve kept taking pictures repeating the same places with nobody around. 

Behind the teaching block, inside the gym, or the shopping center after the business hours. 

But I can’t say that there’s no problem as long as there are no people. 

In places where there are no people, there would be a fairly unique lonely atmosphere. 

By taking a picture in a deserted shopping center, it can’t be helped that it would give a quiet and lonely feeling. 

Since it’s rare that I upload photos, I really want it to be those types of pictures that can make people feel happy after seeing them. 

Or those that can cure their souls. Even if it sounds extraordinary, those are my thoughts. 

“No... I might need to try harder” 

Although today was the first time coming to the school’s periphery, the landscape was a bit lacking. 

Even though it was a good thing that there were no people, it was more boring than what I predicted, it lacked charm. 

After that, I discovered a small building like an assembled house. 

Since I had a lot of time, I went around the building by following the wall in order to examine the place. 

Small and comfortable, built very exquisitely and pleasing to the eye. 

There was a warning stuck at the entrance that said “Not allowed to use yet” 

I tried to peek through the small window. 

Inside, there were those tables used in meetings, folded chairs and a shelf, but I didn’t know its use. 

Will they use this place to conduct discussions? 

I felt as if I was doing a bad thing by peekinginside without permission, so my heart couldn’t help but beat faster. 

I whispered “I’m very sorry” and I left the building behind. 

Even though the landscapes were somewhat lacking, but with the pass of the time, my evaluation also changed. 

Especially due to the mysterious atmosphere brought by the sunset, the same place could also feel like a different place. 

Hm… it might be difficult doing it here. 

Taking a selfie near an assembled house under the light of the sunset. Just by thinking about it feels creepy. 

I had no choice but to give up taking pictures, so on the way to the dorms I tried to conduct another search. 

When I returned to my room, it was almost 6 pm. 

I had taken some pictures, but none of them were satisfactory. 

As soon as I returned to my room, I took off my school uniform and I took out my clothes from the wardrobe. 

As a last resort when I can’t manage to take a satisfying photo. 

“Maybe recently my chest has gotten bigger…” 

Looking at myself wearing only wearing underwear reflected through the mirror, I couldn’t help but feel depressed and sigh. For someone like me who wasn’t accustomed to attracting attention, I really hated having an ample chest. 

No matter what I'm always conscious about the gazes casted towards me by the boys.Today a guy stared at me with a strange look. 


I can’t, I can’t. If I think about these things it will affect the pictures. 

I told myself “smile, smile”, and I revealed a smile. 

“Yes. It’s okay like this.” 

After I had regained a bit of self-confidence, I put on my own clothes once again. 

Then I used the delay timer mode to shot photos while I made some poses. 

No matter when, I always had a lively and cheerful expression, only the seriousness in my eyes would not disappear. 

“Even though it was impossible for me to take photos of myself in the past…” 

Back then I couldn’t even see my own smile, let alone taking a picture for others to see. 

But now, it feels extremely exciting being immersed in this kind of thing. 

I feel really happy when I take photos. 

After experiencing this, I realized people’s interests really differ a lot. 

Having battled for around 30 minutes and having taken the last photo, I turned on the computer to confirm them. Even if I wasn’t good at performing these tasks, I still tried hard to learn to do it. 

But it was only to the degree of saving and duplicating and adding some decorations. 

Even so, the impression will also change all of a sudden by doing that. 

“This is fine.” 

I decided the best photo and I uploaded it directly. 

As long as it makes one fan happy, I will be satisfied. Even if there are 100 criticisms, 1 praise is enough to cover them all. 

“What should I write down…? 

Although uploading a photo was done very fast, updating the contents of the homepage was very time-consuming. 

I don’t have friends and I don’t have anyone to hold a conversation. Being afraid of having eye-contact with others while talking to them, I always lower my head. That’s why I was unable to write anything interesting. 

But I can’t just write a gloomy essay, nor false things. So difficult. 

That’s why I… will write my own prospect. 

I hope tomorrow will be a happy and peaceful day for everybody. 

I hope everybody can spend the day with a smile. 

I wrote this wish. 

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