Youjitsu V2: Ike Kanji – Common Delusion

Youjitsu V2 SS
– Ike Kanji –
Common Delusion

Before 9 pm. I stood up from the computer after checking the weather for tomorrow. 

Something rarely seen happened, Ike phoned me. A rarely seen situation from someone wouldn’t call me once in a month. 

“Hey, Ayanokouji, have you woken up? 

Those who are sleeping at this time can only be students that has spent the whole night preparing for an exam and the busy staff workers. 

“Actually, I’m worrying about what should I have for dessert tonight.” 

“Don’t call me for these things... haven’t you had dinner yet?” 

I remembered that the dining hall of the dorm closes at 9pm. The remaining options would be only the convenience store. 

“Idiot, it’s not that, it’s the dessert all men desire. Do you understand me?” 

The dessert all men desire? … 

Is there something that tastes differently because of being of a different gender? 

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of it. 

“Ayanokouji. You are being a more and more boring man.” 

I was hurt since it was a friend who said this without consideration. Although I know I’m boring, but being said this directly in the face I will still take it to the heart. 

“You have just stood up from the computer, right? Then let me provide you with a special dessert.” 

He sent me something through the chat window of the Internet phone call program based on p2p technology. Inside he pasted a strangely large URL. Is this the dessert? 

“Why don’t you open it and take a look? It’s the best dessert after all.” 

Still harboring suspicions, I tried to click it, and it showed the contents of the link. 

What appeared was the picture of my classmate Sakura Airi in swimsuit. It was hard to believe someone at her same age would possess a body with such a developed chest and a slender waist. 

I reckon no matter what type of gentleman they are, their gazes would be glued to the screen. 

“I found her homepage. This photo was taken during third year of middle school. Can you believe it?” 

Unbelievable… even high school student figures pale in comparison to this. 

But after seeing this I’ve finally understood. So by dessert he was referring to this… 

“Think about it calmly, isn’t this super good? After all, we have a magazine idol in the class! If paired with this picture, you’ll have all kinds of delusions.” 

Even if you said it as if you were bragging about, I’m still unable to understand this type of emotion. 

Feeling happy by having a cute girl in the same class and feeling happier when you can meet her… I still don’t quite understand the proper state of mind of boys and girls. 

Leaving my thoughts aside, Ike was staring alone to the picture in high spirits. 

What would Sakura think, if she knew she was being treated as dessert? 

I bet it wouldn’t be “I’m already used to it” and call it a day. 

But let’s forget about it… for the moment let’s save this picture. Saving this picture is not doing bad things. 

While paying attention to not let Ike discover it, I put the picture inside a folder. 

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