Youjitsu V10: Sakayanagi Arisu – Sakayanagi's Strategy

Youjitsu V10 SS
– Sakayanagi Arisu –
Sakayanagi's Strategy

A space for only me and Ayanokouji was spreading before my eyes. He was wearing his usual poker face as always, watching me steadily.

«To think you would even send Kamuro away first, what did you want to talk about?»

It seems like he wanted to finish this conversation as soon as possible, pushing for a quick conclusion. As for me, I’d have liked to talk more leisurely, but seeing as we are enemies, that won’t be possible.

«It’s about this special exam».

«Correct me if I’m wrong, but we decided to fight it out during the next special exam, right?».

«Yes. That was the plan. However… if it’s alright with you, can we settle it during the next one? This is not a fight between classes, but eliminating someone from your own. Since the only thing outsiders can do to influence the results is by giving praising points, you can’t attack at all either… do you mind if we postpone to the next time?».

I wonder how he will answer my self-indulgent suggestion?

After a brief silence, I decided to ask again.

«Won’t you accept, this deal?»

Having reached a conclusion it seems, he replied back.

«It’s up to you».

In other words, we will ignore this special exam and settle it during the next one. That’s something I’m really thankful for.

«Thank you. I was wondering what would happen if you were determined that this special was as good as any. I can thus freely concentrate on the internal matters of class A. It’s just…»


Since we just had delayed our duel, there was a need to remind him of this.

«Since this is a temporary ceasefire, I will certainly need to earn your trust, thus why I say this. During this exam I won’t give you any minus points. In other words, I will definitely not give you any criticism votes».

Yes. There is a need to clearly show that we won’t fight during this exam. I don’t think he will be caught off guard but this is an action meant to instil the sense of rightfulness.

«On the off chance that any involvement of mine with class C results in any harm to you… I don’t mind if we consider that my loss. I’m fine with you rejecting the coming exam too».

«If I get most of the criticism votes this time, there won’t be a next time though».

«Certainly. Anyway, please rest assured, is what I have to say».

In any case, I wonder if that may give him some peace of mind?

However, this means I can freely use «that» without reserve.

I can’t help but looking forward to the results after the exam has ended.

At that time, let’s settle this between us, Ayanokouji-kun.

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