Youjitsu V10: Ichinose Honami (Tapestry SS) – Small heartbeats

Youjitsu V10 SS
– Ichinose Honami (Tapestry SS) –
Small heartbeats

The time crept closer towards midnight. I’ve been hanging around in the rooms of several boys from Class B before, but staying at a boy’s room at this hour was a first for me.

Furthermore, being alone together with a boy like now was obviously something I haven’t experienced yet.

We were done discussing the topic I had to talk about.

I just have to drink this cup of hot chocolate I held in my hands before returning back.

«Hey, Ayanokouji-kun».

I stared at the cup while calling out to him.


He replied back with the blank face he always had, or pretty close to it, as I could feel a sense of composure from it.

«Ayanokouji-kun, are you perhaps someone really amazing?».

«What makes you think so? Sorry, but that’s something I’m not aware of».

«That’s even more amazing if so. I mean, Ayanokouji-kun…»

You saved Sakura-san. The actions you took during the special exam aboard the cruiser. How fast you were during the sports festival…

Yes, that’s right. There’s no doubt about it.

This person, Ayanokouji-kun is a very intelligent person.

I can’t come up with an example but… I can’t come up with words to explain how great he seems to be…

Isn’t he a person we should be way, way more cautious of than Horikita-san or Hirata-kun after all?

But if that’s true…

«What is it?».

«No, nothing at all».

I was assaulted with the feeling of something tightening inside me and averted my eyes.

He will surely become a formidable enemy.

And then, we will be unable to spend time and laugh together like this anymore.

I have to remember this fact.

I know. I know that this is inevitable due to the school rules. The fact that we are in separate classes is something we can’t fight. I will prepare myself for that time.

But now, only for now… I want to talk to him just like a normal girl.

«… what’s this, I wonder…».

This, strange feeling.

Even though I was talking to him just recently, just as usual.

For some reason, I could feel my heart beating softly.

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