Shiina Hiyori SS – Sprouting Feelings

Youjitsu 2nd Year V6 SS
– Shiina Hiyori –
Sprouting Feelings

Everyone in our class was doing their very best working on the Kimono Café for the school festival.

Ryuuen-kun had warned that those who tried skipping would get punished and that seems to have worked, I guess.

I was the cashier so I didn’t have a lot of things to actually do.

And that is why, as per usual, I read another book I had borrowed.

Then a student entered the classroom with a casual and light stride. 

It was Ayanokouji-kun.

He, was the one Karuizawa Kei-san was dating.

I wanted to hide myself somehow and hid behind my own book.

I should have known. My curiosity won out in the end and I took a quick peek.

Ayanokouji-kun looked as if he had witnessed something unusual and walked towards me.

“… Good day.”

I couldn’t ignore him, so I said that.

I’m not sure I managed to act like usual.

“Long time no see. I hear you haven’t turned up at the library lately?”

“That’s not true. It’s a bit, I mean, I’m there at a different time now.”

It was my sense of thoughtfulness to avoid meeting with Ayanokouji-kun, who also loved reading.

Seeing someone like me talking with her boyfriend may make any girl worried, I think.

“So, you are going to work at the store as well?”

“I am just working at the cashier. I’m not especially good at talking with people… nor with walking around. I have practiced carrying the trays with food, but that didn’t go well.”

I thought I was going to do better to be honest…

“By the way, Ibuki-san is also participating.”

“Ibuki? But she’s not the kind of person who would ever wear that outfit, right?”

“It seems she made a bet with Ryuuen-kun to be completely exempted from the student festival.”

“And she lost.”

Ibuki was kinda cute when she stamped her feet in frustration.

It was really fun to talk with Ayanokouji-kun like this after all.

I… wanted to meet him at the library again. 

That feeling grew within me like a sprout.

…It should be fine… right?

“I will be at the library again later, so please do come.”

She shouldn’t become angry with me if I meet him as just a friend, right? Surely…

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