Chabashira Sae SS – An Experience I Want to Forget

Youjitsu 2nd Year V7 SS
– Chabashira Sae –
An Experience I Want to Forget

I was looking into the mirror inside the changing room while letting slip a sigh I can only believe was the longest of my entire life.

“I-I’m going to look like this in front of people? Really…?”

I was looking in the mirror in aghast at my appearance that didn’t fit me at all.

As a teacher, I have only worn suits, or jerseys thus far. And now, suddenly a maid uniform?

“This is bad… I’m getting dizzy.”

I feel like I’m about to faint just by imagining the fate that is waiting for me. I should pretend to be sick… no, my opponent is that Ayanokouji. It won’t be that simple. I can’t help them as their homeroom teacher, but just like how clergymen have to follow the rules, I have a duty to respond to my students’ requests.

Ayanokouji has already paid the private points.

“―I just have to do it.”

I steeled myself as their teacher and vigorously exited the changing room.

I sprinted all the way to the first floor of the special section of the scho—of course I couldn’t.

I wanted to run so bad, but a teacher should be a model for others to follow so I walked.

I walked… but my steps quickened somehow. It was obvious to me how the students and the visitors were staring at me as I went.

“What is she doing at that age?”

“That person, eh? Wait a bit…”

‘I don’t hear anything’ I continued to pretend while the words repeatedly reverberated inside my head. 

Please, anyone! Just kill me already!

I frantically arrived in front of the maid café. The way felt like it was over 5 times longer than I remember.

“I-I’m here Ayanokouji. H-hurry up and let me in!”

The queue outside the café was pretty long which should have been a good thing.

But to me, this was hell.

“Thank you for waiting.”

Ayanokouji welcomed me by the entrance and let me inside.

“So, what should I do now…eh?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Please just stand there.”


“Haven’t I said this before? You don’t have to do anything. Alright, We’ll be in your care.” He said and went to the hallway leaving me behind.

Am I… just going to…stand here in silence?

I glanced around the classroom in fear while observing how all the students and visitors were looking back at me without reservations.

…Aaahh… don’t think, me…

Please, let me crawl inside a hole somewhere…

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