Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5: Nanase Tsubasa – A Double-sided Favour Repayment

Youjitsu 2nd Year V4.5 SS
– Nanase Tsubasa –
A Double-sided Favour Repayment

With a sandwich and milk carton in hand, I waited by the cashier trying to calm down my impatience.

That was not due to a slow queue since there weren’t that many students checking out the store today even though it was noon.

No, the reason for that is because I was tailing a 1st year student named Kurachi-kun.

He had gone to the store and bought something that looked like lunch and went to pay, and therefore I did the same.

I don’t know where he was heading for after, but he hadn’t realised he was being tailed, nor was he aware of the person tailing him. Thus I could be more proactive and follow him closely without being noticed.

The reason I was tailing him was because when I used the GPS Search feature to find out who the person trying to attack Ayanokouji-senpai was, his name had appeared.

But according to Ayanokouji-senpai’s hypothesis, there was a good chance Kurachi-kun hadn’t really planned to attack him for real.

But if we look more closely into it, we may discover the person behind it all.

That’s the reason I’ve kept it a secret from Senpai.

If the one I’m tailing was a formidable opponent however, then maybe I wouldn’t be a match for them.

But still—

Even if I had to flee with my tail between my feet, I wouldn’t have minded it at all.

Because if I could leave behind at least something for Ayanokouji-senpai, it would have been worth it.

A small advantage would surely help him tip the scales and help him overcome his trials.

Yes, this is my own decision.

I took out my sandwich and began blending in with the students having lunch here.

Just before biting it, I suddenly remembered that moment during the uninhabited island exam. 

When Ayanokouji-senpai told me there was no need to leave the school.

Letting him pamper me would have been an easy decision and I would surely have been able to lead a fun school life.

But that doesn’t sit well with me.

Tailing Kurachi-kun had led me to the upper deck which seemed to be a perfect spot for a light lunch as a huge amount of students were gathered here.

It looked like they were waiting for someone as they were looking around unrestly.

I wonder who they are waiting for? Naturally, it could be some of their friends who I have no connections with whatsoever…

I took a bite and just as I was about to start chewing—


A voice from behind startled me as I was so focused on Kurachi-kun in front of me.

Recognising it as Ayanokouji’s voice, I turned around to face him while hiding my surprise.

“Ah, senfai-.”

I started chewing in a hurry in order to calm myself down.

Strange, I couldn’t taste anything.

“Ah, my bad. Shall I come back later?”

He said apologetically, but there’s no way I would have him do that.

“Phease huht waid a bid.”

I continued to chew faster and swallowed the food in my mouth.

“Ehem….err, I’m sorry, you see, the truth is…. I was eating.”

I couldn’t tell him the fact I wsa tailing Kurachi-kun, nor that I was currently observing him right now.

“Eh well, is there something you wanted from me?”

I lost Kurachi-kun from view for a bit, but I endured it for now.

Anyway, I just had to finish this conversation as quickly as possible in a natural way.

“Ah no, it looked like you wanted to say something to me the other day. I kinda wondered about it. It kinda fizzled out when Ninomiya interrupted, you see.”

So that’s how it is… that would certainly have made him curious.


I’m indeed tailing Kurachi-kun right now.

And I was hesitating whether to consult him about it now or not.

I could have just told it as it was, that I had used the GPS Search, notified him about Kurachi-kun, and asked him what to do about it.

That would definitely have been the right answer I think.

“Sorry, That’s something I’ve already taken care of so can I ask you to forget about it?”

But I’d decided to abandon that route.

The words screaming inside me had perhaps been conveyed to him.

“Sorry for calling out to you so suddenly. I’ll return back inside then. There are so many people here that I can’t relax.” He said, not pursuing the topic.

“Is that so? See you later, Senpai.”

I couldn’t detain him here any longer so I just saw him off.

As I looked at his retreating figure, I apologised to him in my mind.

I’m sorry, Ayanokouji-senpai… I already knew I should have just told you all this upfront.

But since you just would have been that kind Senpai, you would have stopped me saying it was dangerous.

Please give me some time.

I will work hard to leave behind some accomplishments to my name, no matter how small they may be.

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