Youjitsu V9 SS – Ichinose Honami – A Small Being

Youjitsu V9 SS
– Ichinose Honami –
A Small Being

This is an event that happened during the period following the end term exams some time before the results were released. 

My plan was to take a stroll to the convenience store before returning home after the last period of school ended. 

During my way to the store, I saw the back of a person I knew. 

It was Ichinose; 1st year class B. Following her were two girls who I believe were her classmates. I saw them surrounding Ichinose and talking merrily with her. 

Depending on the topic of conversation, their walking pace would slow down making it simple to just pass them. 

Of course, trying to raise my voice and chasing after them is not something I would do. 

It won’t be a problem if only Ichinose was there, but I haven’t had a decent conversation with the other girls before. It would be easier for me to just slip away. While I’m not sure about the other students, Ichinose would definitely call out to me. 

I guess I should head back more slowly. Not that I had anything planned once I’m home. 

While walking on the road towards the convenience store, I suddenly heard the light footsteps of someone running from behind. Before long, some girls called out to Ichinose and ran past me. 

The three girls in front turned around towards the voice. Ichinose naturally noticed me. 

She probably noticed how uncomfortable I was from my face since she just flashed a smile. She didn’t call out to me. As expected of a most considerate model student. 

After being joined by the girls, Ichinose and her group began talking again, as if nothing had happened. 

"Well then… convenience store next". 

I watched the backs of Ichinose and her friends for a while before leaving them at the store. After buying all the necessities, I went outside. 

It must have only been 2-3 minutes, but I couldn’t see Ichinose and her group anymore. 

Let’s go home, I thought as I once again headed towards the dorms. 

It was at that precise moment. 

"Here, here Ayanokouji-kun!" I heard a voice. 

I glanced at the direction where the handwaving came from and among the trees standing a distance away from the road was Ichinose. 

"What are you doing over there?". 

"Maybe you should come over here then?". 

She showed a smile like that of a child playing a prank, as if testing me. 

Since she urged me to come closer, I went over towards her. 

Yet even after arriving right by her, there wasn’t as if anything had changed either. 


"Hmm? No, maybe not after all". 

Not following her, I tilted my head which was folIowed by Ichinose lightly laughing. 

"I wanted to talk with you a bit, I think". 

"Right then… you mean here?" 

"Here, come on, sit sit! If we hide here we won’t be seen by others, surprisingly". 

No, well she may have a point but… 

It was midwinter, naturally it was freezing. 

"I was trying to be considerate in my own way you know? I was thinking you didn’t want to talk surrounded by the other girls". 

It seems like she managed to piece together quite a bit from my expression earlier. 

As expected of Ichinose I must say. 

Anyway, wanting to progress the conversation I also sat down. 

To think the day had come when I would sit here like this. 

I must say, the trees really do shade us from view. 

It was also a significant distance from the main road so if we talked quietly, few would even notice. 

"Aren’t you cold?". 

"It’s fine, it’s fine!". Ichinose laughed. 

"Hey, how did your end term exam go?". 

"Not bad. The whole class should probably be fine I guess". 

"I see. That’s good. We are at the end of our first year so wouldn’t you also hate it if someone were missing?". 

"Class B shouldn’t worry right? You are always at the top for the written exams." 

"Of course my own class is important to me, but that’s the same for all the other classes too". 

She wouldn’t want to lose anyone. Not even her rivals, is what she said. 

Normally, people saying that is just saying it for appearances sake. The less rivals there are, the more your own class gains in return. 

Ichinose is perhaps an exception. She doesn’t want anyone to drop out from the bottom of her heart. 

That’s an ideal. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s just lip service. In the event there will be an exam in which someone from Class B or any other class needs to drop out, she will without doubt protect her own class. 

She doesn’t want anyone to be expelled, but she will prioritise her own classmates. That’s her position. 

"What are you thinking about?". 

"Well no… not really. Just haven’t come to grips with this situation yet". 

A boy and a girl were hiding in the shades from the leaves while conversing in low voices. This situation. 

It would be strange if someone didn’t have some weird thoughts about this. 

Thus was my thoughts, but I sorted them out immediately again. Ichinose right in front of me was absolutely not having any thoughts about this. 

"By the way, Ayanokouji-kun, Tokyo?". 


"You know, this school has a lot of students from within the Tokyo area, but there’s also students from outside too". 

Is that so? That’s news to me. 

"Well, within the city I guess". 

"I guess? So from one of the 23 wards?". 

"Well yeah". 

"What middle school?". 

"That’s a secret". 

"Ah, maybe that was too much? I’m sorry If I made you feel bad". 

Maybe she was thinking I was one of those bullied students who was absent from school or something in the past. Thus her apology. 

"No it’s fine. It’s just, my classmates warned me to not say too much". 

"Ah I see. Just knowing which school someone came from may be too much perhaps?". 

She didn’t seem to understand so she managed to convice herself someway or another. 

I’m so glad the classes in this school were made to compete with each other. 

"By the way Ayanokouji-kun, it’s been quite some time since we first met right? That’s why, eh well, I thought I wanted to ask things friends ask each other… so that’s why, that just now". 

"No, that’s alright. There aren’t many people who socialise with me so I was just at a loss". 

"Is that so?" 

"I’m basically this shady existence in my class after all. No, perhaps I’m really dark after all truth to be said". 

I said negatively, but it didn’t seem like Ichinose thought of me like that. 

"Rather than dark, aren’t you more calm? Or stoic perhaps?". 

"That may be true if you think of it in positive terms maybe? That would rather be nice". 

"That’s right! You don’t feel like you are going in the same class as us, more like, you have the feeling of a senpai?". 

It seems like she is praising me, is it alright to feel glad then? 

"By the way, would it be fine if I came to hang around in your room later?". 

"Eh? A-ah, sure…". 

It came so sudden, like a flying arrow, so my heart skipped a beat. 

"I was wondering how your room was, you know. That’s a promise then!". 

Thus I and Ichinose made a promise in a nook by the trees standing along the road. 

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