Youjitsu V8: Karuizawa Kei – A Teasing Partner

Youjitsu V8 SS
– Karuizawa Kei –
A Teasing Partner

Soon after the outdoors school began, I received a request from Kiyotaka and committed myself to understanding the girls' group. 

And now today, I could see Kiyotaka at last. 

Kiyotaka looked at me once. 

I immediately understood. 

The fact that he's going to be making contact with me now. 

And I could feel him sitting behind me. 


I sent him a signal by purring so I could let Kiyotaka know I noticed him without being noticed by my friends and my surroundings to my left and right. 

And then I proceeded to unreservedly chat with my friends to my heart's content. 

If I do something disruptive, it would cast suspicion on me. Then about three minutes later, I succeeded in going back ahead by saying I had an appointment with another girl. 

"So? Finally feel like relying on me on the third day?". 

I called out to Kiyotaka, who sat behind me. However, I didn't turn around to look that easily. 

At times like this, female spies don't act foolishly. 

"That's about right. There's far too little information on the girls". 

These days, Horikita-san seems a bit distant too. I'm the only person in the class he can depend on. 

I was extremely happy that deep down inside, Kiyotaka relied on me as though clinging to me.......no, no. What's the matter with me? Being delighted that I'm being worked to the bone. 

"Well, it can't be helped right? For someone with a communication disorder like you, there are only a few girls you could possibly make contact with". 

But I acted bullishly, just a bit, to tease him. 

"Then even without my advice, you can overcome this special exam?". 

I received that counter punch from him. 

I should have taken the advantage but with that one blow, I was left reeling. 

"O-Of course. Who do you think I am?". 

I made a bluff, but without a doubt, the fact that I was shaken by it must have been conveyed to Kiyotaka. 

"I see. Then there's nothing to fear". 

I can handle the rest myself? I received that sort of pressure and so I gave in. 

If I ever got into a pinch, it's not like I can do anything about it on my own. 

"......later, at least analyze my situation to see if there's any danger or not, ok?". 

I meekly(?) asked that of him. 

"For now, let's hear it starting from the partitioning of the girls' groups". 

"Ahh, before we talk about that there's something that's been bugging me". 

"Let's keep it brief". 

Of course I understand. I don't want anyone to start paying attention to Kiyotaka by messing up. 

"It's something pretty important.....or more like, what's going on with that Ryuuen guy?". 

"Are you concerned?". 

"I mean, yeah. It's become a topic even among the girls. Why that guy stopped being the leader but it doesn't look like anybody knows the truth though". 

There's no way I wouldn't be curious about what's going on with the man who did all those horrible things to me. 

"Being as meek as a lamb, that expression doesn't quite fit Ryuuen but right now it looks like he's acting quite mature". 

"Does that mean your chastisement worked?". 

"Chastisement, eh?". 

For the foreseeable future, I won't be targeted by that man. 

I was truly happy about that. 

"Don't worry about Ryuuen. He won't act carelessly. At the very least, I can say that he won't do anything to Kei from now on". 


A surprise attack. He called me 'Kei'. 

Since I'm still not used to him calling me by my first name, I unexpectedly panicked. 

But, it's lame panicking over something like being called by your first name. 

I stabilized my breathing. 

".....sorry, that was nothing". 

I gave that excuse and returned to our conversation. 

"That didn't seem like nothing, Kei". 

He called me by my first name again. Every time, my poor heart takes a giant leap. Then, after a few seconds, it begins beating rapidly. 

"I-I'm telling it's nothing". 

Calm down, calm down Kei. I'm not a woman who's moved just because she got called by her first name. 

I'm a popular gyaru who can easily overcome trivial things like that. 

Still, even though he didn't refer to me that way that much up until now, why's he calling me that consecutively? 

"Is that true, Kei?". 

The 3rd time honestly confirmed to me that I am being teased. 

".....hold it right there. You're doing it on purpose!". 

I wanted to turn around, but I can't. 

Because more important than the fact that our surroundings would notice us is the fact that I'm aware my face is beet red. 

"Ahh, mou. Really, I shouldn't have given you permission to call me by my first name..........". 

Even though I wanted to see him off while hiding my face, I can't quite do that at the cafeteria. 

The pain of having to play the part of the girl slowly eating her meal. 

"You're the one who called me out here in the first place though". 

"Yeah. That can't be helped". 

Can't be helped......is a lie though. 

The one who falls in love loses. 

I don't know who said it, but I think it's a clever saying. 

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