Youjitsu V7.5: Karuizawa Kei – The Cupid Karuizawa

Youjitsu V7.5 SS
– Karuizawa Kei –
The Cupid Karuizawa

At last it's the 25th, and the double date started. I, in order to faithfully carry out Satou-san's request, in order for a one hit kill, took into my hands the arrow of love. This arrow is a magical arrow which causes anyone it hits to fall in love. Satou-san beside me, in an attempt to get along with Kiyotaka, is coming into contact with him with a sense of distance similar to that of lovers. Looking at those two, I decided to call out to them like a meddlesome lady from the neighborhood. 

"Heh....you two are looking pretty good aren't you?". 


"No matter how you look at it, you guys look like a couple affectionately spending Christmas together, that sort of feeling?". 

Firstly I need to tell Kiyotaka that they make a natural matchup. Kiyotaka, who usually thinks of things I wouldn't even be able to comprehend, in regards to romance alone, he doesn't seem like a professional. 

He should have no idea how his surroundings view him. 

"Hehehe. Isn't it embarrassing, Ayanokouji-kun? They're saying we look like a couple". 

".....I suppose so". 

Towards those words from Satou-san, Kiyotaka disinterestedly answers. What's 'I suppose so' supposed to mean. Aren't you supposed to be happy deep down inside? Zuzuzu, like that inside me, something dark whispers. 

Ahh, no good, no good. The cupid of love does not think such dark thoughts. 

"But still, the two of you seriously aren't going out with each other? Could it be the truth is you're already going out~". 

Killing my own feelings, I pressed them for an answer vigorously to stir them up. 

"N-N-No. Not at all. We still aren't in that kind of relationship!". 

Even though she was desperately denying it, Satou-san also checked Kiyotaka's state with a side glance. If he seems happy, it meant it would be material for her to decide that they have chemistry together. 

However on the contrary, this blockhead, no matter what's said, never once changed the serious look on his face. He doesn't laugh and neither does he get angry, that makes judgment difficult. 

"Really? If you're hiding something you'd better tell me right now, ok?". 

Even when I attack repeatedly like that, in response, Kiyotaka gave a reply that was close to outright ignoring us. 

I wonder if it was a bad idea to say it in a roundabout manner. 

"Speaking of which, Satou-san, you don't have a boyfriend yet right?". 


Since it's come to this, I tried expressing it fairly straightforwardly and yet Kiyotaka still didn't have a good reaction to it. More like, he doesn't even seem to be paying attention to my words. It's almost like he has no awareness that he's on a date. The double date has just begun, maybe we came on too strong with the opening..... 

"We'll be enjoying this on our own so the two of you, don't mind us ok?". 

For now I decided to leave Satou-san and Kiyotaka to act independently. As I talked with Yousuke-kun, I eavesdropped on the conversation of those two from beside them. By the way, I waited for a fairly long time but the conversation between those two did not start up at all. It may be that Satou-san is also getting nervous, but she did not seem to be able to carve out a topic to discuss. Or it could be that she's expecting the conversation to come from Kiyotaka and is waiting for it. If that's the case it's probably hopeless. 

Kiyotaka doesn't seem to have any intention of changing from his usual, sparse self. Ahh mou! That means there's nothing left but for me to do something about it. 

I directed a hopeless gaze towards Kiyotaka. And when I did, it seems my feelings were delivered to him as my gaze immediately met Kiyotaka's. 

"You're being rather quiet. So does this mean you're going to keep acting quiet?". 

"It's not like I'm acting or anything. I'm not used to dates, I just don't understand the lifestyle of those with topics to discuss". 

It's probably that sort of thing. 

I felt like from our gaze, I was able to read such feelings from Kiyotaka. 

"Satou-san, isn't it just that Ayanokouji-kun doesn't know what to talk about?". 

The arrow of love I had let loose. If it hits, it's a magical arrow that will cause one to fall in love. This one arrow, one way or another I'll make sure to hit Kiyotaka with it. 

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